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PLC touch screen control automatic layer selection filing cabinet


Touch Think 12 inch industrial panel PC used in customer’s automatic layer selection filing cabinet.


1. PLC touch screen function automatic layer selection filing cabinet adopts industrial grade PLC control system. The control system realizes the characteristics of more stable operation, lower power consumption and more convenient operation.


2. The system operating voltage is between 12V ~ 22V, which can be adjusted according to the actual use situation. The system automatically enters the protection state when it is during long time standby. The range of working environment is wider than that of traditional single-chip computer control to achieve a safer operating experience.


3. The system's load rate for high-power loads is much higher than the traditional intelligent control load rate. With professional in-depth optimization and adjustment, the system runs more stable.


4. The system communication adopts the industrial-grade 485 bus standard to achieve a communication speed of 2 megabytes, which is enough for filing cabinet control, and it also has good real-time performance. At the same time, the connection method of the terminal is more reliable, and the style of bus topology reduced the workload produced by hub and cabling complexity.


5. The system adopts industrial LCD screen display with key touch for click function, which makes the operation more convenient. In standby state, the system automatically turns the display screen off, reducing power consumption and offering a longer service life.


6. Access of upper computer software: The upper computer completes the data exchange with all the cabinets through an intelligent 485 bus control switch. After this exchange, the upper computer can be transparently connected to the industrial 485 bus in a duplex serial port mode. The open file cabinet control command can be connected with the user-developed control management software to form a user-defined file management system .


7. The system security performance is higher than the traditional single-chip computer control system, the system integrated boot encryption function, if without a password, it won't be able to operate the file. Equipped with the upper computer control software user rights management method, the file management becomes more secure and reliable.


Main functions

(1) Multiple upper PCs

(2) Filing cabinet controlled by Network

(3) File management report printing

(4) Running status display

(5) Operation log record

(6) Photoelectric safety protection

(7) Manual / automatic layer operation

(8) Emergency hand-crank function

(9) Automatic door

(10) Touch screen control

(11) Touch screen encryption


Software functions

(1) System login

(2) Archives receiving

(3) Archives sending

(4) Archive inquiry

(5) Archive statistics

(6) Borrowing and registration of archives

(7) Archive return and return registration

(8) Archive maintenance

(9) Sending records and records management

(10) Borrowing records management

(11) Database management

(12) Initial settings

(13) Extended field settings

(14) Field content management

(15) User management

(16) Printing


Touch Think products applications

12 inch industrial all in one panel PC with industrial touch screen display with multi-point capacitive touch screen technology, offer free touch control and fast response for any click.


3mm ultra-thin front panel is good for embedding into the cabinets.


Support multi operating system for connecting upper computer, such as Windows, Linux, Android.


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