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Self-service Borrowing And Returning Machine

Self-service Borrowing And Returning MachineProduct Name: self-service borrowing and returning machine 

Relevant description:

Some libraries are still relying on the manual assistance of librarians to complete book borrowing and returning. But all these operation will be realized by the self-service borrowing and retuning system nowdays, the readers can complete a series of operation including borrowing and returning books, registration, filling and demagnetizing cards. This process of book borrowing and returning is as simple as operating on the bank ATM machine.

The advantages of the self-service borrow and return system are as follows:

● Reducing the repetitive workload of library managers

● Reduce the labor cost for library. One borrowing desk and one returning desk is enough.

● Protecting readers' reading privacy

● Reduce friction between librarians and readers

● Provide readers more freedom and time for borrowing and returning books.


Performance Description

This bar code-magnetic bar borrowing and returning machine is mainly based on automatic identification of barcode, and also support RFID, it has very flexible system upgrade. The main executive structure adopts V-groove, which improves the exterior convex appearance of current products in market and solves the problem of machine vulnerability. It only costs 4 seconds to finish a whole operation for borrowing and returning books, which is easy to operate for readers.


Touch Think industrial all in one PC with resistive touchscreen plays an important role in this self-service machine with IP65 rated dust-proof and water proof for front panel, 7/24 long-term operation, plug-and-play function, etc. This is our customized product, if you also need such similar projects, please feel free to contact us.


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