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Industrial Tablet In Automated Three-dimensional Warehouse

Reasons for the production of automated warehouses: The high degree of mechanization of production, automation will inevitably require the timely, rapid and accurate supply and distribution of supplies. This has led to the rapid development of three-dimensional warehouse technology, and has become a means of high-tech warehouse management in factories. Basically consistent with the design principle of shuttle shelves.


Automated warehouse components

The automated three-dimensional warehouse (AS/RS/System) is a warehouse that can realize the automatic storage and calculation and management of goods in container units. The automated three-dimensional warehouse consists of several major systems, including the most important shelves. The system also includes: stacker system, conveyor system, pallet and material, control system.


Application fields

Automated three-dimensional warehouses are widely used in machinery manufacturing, electronics, chemical industry and manufacturing, printing and publishing, textiles, securities, food, transportation services, etc.


Advantages of automated warehouses:

1. It can effectively maximize the utilization of working space, save warehouse space and reduce the cost of warehouse space.


2. It can effectively form an advanced logistics system, further improve the level of enterprise storage in the warehouse at the same time, and realize dynamic management of warehouse storage.


3. Effectively improve the fast access structure of goods, reduce the manual access operation intensity, improve inventory capacity, it can monitor the access situation of goods in real time by using dynamic storage system,  and support reminder function when picking goods, this is more humane and automated.


Touch Think is a professional supplier of industrial computers in control management system for the automated warehouse solution.


It can be seen that the automated warehouse will bring many advantages to the enterprise, and the technology of the industrial touch tablet PC is also constantly developing, which has greatly helped the factory's development in intelligence and automation.

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