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Industrial Tablet PC Applies To Intelligent Warehouse

Difference Between Intelligent Warehouse And Unattended Warehouse

As an important place for large-scale manufacturing enterprises to warehouse out and manage materials and finished products, warehousing is an important part of manufacturing operations that cannot be ignored. In addition, in recent years, the development of the logistics market is gradually huge, and the demand for large-scale logistics storage management is also rising. The traditional warehouse relies on manual operation, which has many problems, such as low efficiency, unclear location division, irregular stacking, misplacement, and so on.

 Industrial Tablet PC Applies To Intelligent Warehouse

With the rise of the "Internet +" and the Internet of things, many industries have been transformed, and warehousing management has developed to automation and intelligence. Intelligent warehousing and unmanned warehousing have become the main trend of the development of the warehousing and storage industry. On the other hand, there are some essential differences between intelligent warehousing and unmanned warehousing.


The unattended warehouse relies on the application integration of intelligent logistics system, so that the warehouse robots, unmanned forklifts, drones, and mechanical arms replace artificial operation, and pays attention to the unmanned storage process, to achieve the goal of cost reduction and efficiency increase. With JD's Asia No. 1 unattended warehouse, Alibaba, Amazon's intelligent unattended warehouse, etc. are all representatives of an unattended warehouse.


The intelligent warehouse is a kind of warehousing management concept, which aims to achieve efficient warehouse management through informatization, the Internet of things and mechatronics, so as to reduce storage cost, improve operation efficiency and improve storage management ability, but not pursue to a goal of the unattended warehouse. It mainly uses RFID, Network communication, information system application, intelligent equipment, etc. to realize the automatic collection, identification, and management of management information in and out of the warehouse.


Touch Think industrial Android tablet PC applies to the unattended warehouse management system


Therefore, according to the intelligent warehouse, it focuses on solving the core problems of the enterprise and pursues the goal of maximizing the operation and management benefits. No matter in the unattended warehouse or in the intelligent warehouse, the touch display equipment is important touch equipment. In the unmanned warehouse, it is mainly used as the touch equipment of the unmanned forklift, storage robot, UAV, mechanical arm, etc., while in the intelligent warehouse, it is used as the touch display equipment of warehousing registration, quick inventory check, intelligent guided pickup route, etc.


Here, let's talk about intelligent warehousing. Take the application of touch smart guided unattended warehouse as an example, let's see what users need for touch display devices?

 Industrial Tablet PC Applies To Intelligent Warehouse

1) Application products: Touch Think 2nd-GEN industrial Android tablet PC.


2) Product advantages

·The industrial computer is made of aluminum alloy with waterproof strip design. The flat panel meets the IP65 waterproof and dust-proof standard, effectively preventing water drops and dust from entering the panel.


·The front bezel is only 3mm for thickness, ultra-thin design, saving installation space, and offering a better visual angle effect.


·It has built-in Android 6.0 operating system, open software interface, SDK software development kit is available for customers, which is compatible with various APP application requirements, supports the connection of mobile terminal, and easy for remote management of the warehouse.


·The standard configuration is A64 Cortex-A53, and quad-core 64-bit CPU, and the RAM and hard disk storage are 2G + 8G. The self-developed industrial-grade motherboard provides stable performance, ensuring that the tablet PC runs without failure for 7*24 hours.


·The internal components adopt international famous brands, which are more fire-proof, explosion-proof, vibration proof, and interference-resistant, and are suitable for the application scenarios of intelligent warehouse multi-sensors.


·Support a variety of installation options, including embedded, standard VESA installation, wall-mounted, desktop, VESA, etc. Offering a flexible selection of different functional requirements in the warehouse.


·The interface supports I/O expansion, and the port adopts fastening plug-ins to prevent falling off due to site vibration. The external equipment port can be customized, such as connecting the door switch, employee card identifier, printer, etc.


·Support ODM / OEM customization services, including appearance, screen, size, interface, use environment, module customization, startup interface, customer logo, etc.


3) Application benefit

Industrial Android tablet PC is used in the intelligent warehouse, which can make large-scale and intensive shelves, realize unattended and automatic storage and retrieval process, simplify the storage and retrieval process, and strengthen the security and convenience of warehouse management; meanwhile, through the tablet PC, visual operation and management, location layout, status, and other information can be checked easily, quickly and efficiently, and the storage and retrieval process logistics can be displayed dynamically on the screen; at the same time, the industrial tablet PC can be connected to the storage warehouse to set video monitoring, access control, and other security alarm devices, and when the non-maintenance (emergency) state enters the warehouse, it will give an alarm.

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