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All-in-one Panel PC for Medical Self-Service Kiosks

Industry Development Background

In order to solve the problems of inadequate medical resources and improve medical quality, efficiency, and benefit, the implementation of self-service business has become an important link necessary for the construction of information technology and efficient operation in the field of smart medical and healthcare. Employing smart medical self-service terminal equipment will greatly promote medical information reform.


Industry Application Requirements

The medical self-service kiosk is one of the most common smart devices in smart medical application scenarios. It is connected with the hospital information system to realize the data storage, retrieval, review, and self-service operations such as reservation and printing service, which reduces the investment of medical staff and effectively relieves the operating pressure of various departments.


Among them, the all-in-one touchscreen panel PC plays a key role in equipment control and human-computer interaction on the medical self-service kiosks. Patients' intuitive experience of the value of smart medical equipment comes from the software and hardware performance of the all-in-one touch PC.


The touchscreen all-in-one PC integrates advanced technologies such as human-computer interaction, data processing, and network communication. It is an important device to promote the development of medical intelligence and informatization and realize the application of smart medical reform.


Touch Think's Display & Computing Solution for Smart Medical

Touch Think's all-in-one PC integrates high-standard touch screen and core computer functions and performs well in product performance, hardware stability, and appearance design.


Take its 2nd-GEN embedded all-in-one Panel PC as an example.


In terms of product performance, the 2nd-GEN touch panel PC adopts self-developed high-performance industrial motherboards, equipped with famous chips such as Intel and RockChip, supports two mainstream architectures of ARM/X86 (providing different configuration motherboard for options), compatible with Windows, Android, Linux, Ubuntu, Centos and other operating systems, and have strong software compatibility and system integration capabilities, which can smoothly connect with medical information systems and improve hospital service efficiency.


X86 architecture: Support J1900, J4125, i3/i5/i7 Core

ARM architectures: Support A64/RK3288/RK3399/RK3588/RK3568.


In terms of storage, taking the X86-based architecture J4125 motherboard as an example, it supports a maximum of 2T mechanical hard disk + 512GB solid-state hard disk for expansion, which meets the needs of fast reading, display, processing, and storage of a large amount of medical image and data in the medical system, and the operation is smooth without lagging. Data security is guaranteed.


The Touch Think 2nd-GEN embedded all-in-one panel PC is equipped with abundant I/O interfaces, and supports multiple module expansions such as medical card sensing, barcode scanning, bill printing, and film printing, presenting various functionality and having a strong security level.


In terms of hardware stability, the 2nd-GEN embedded all-in-one panel PC adopts high-standard industrial control LCD screen, supports a ten-point capacitive touchscreen, presents a sensitive response, and is built from wear-resistant and durable, and meets the needs of hospitals' long-term use and frequent touch operations. The flat front panel meets the IP65 protection standard, is dustproof and waterproof, easy to clean and maintain, and has an excellent antibacterial effect.


Touch Think 2nd-GEN embedded all-in-one panel PC meets EMI/EMC level anti-electromagnetic interference, ESD level anti-static, and other protection standards, ideal for strong magnetic and static electricity environments in hospitals, and these panel PCs have passed various reliability tests such as shockproof and vibration resistance to ensure that a 7 *24h stable operation for medical kiosks.


In terms of appearance design, the front panel of the 2nd-GEN all-in-one panel PC adopts metal wire drawing technology, and the touch PC is exquisitely crafted. Its 3mm ultra-thin front panel is perfectly embedded into the surface of the self-service medical equipment. Providing an excellent interactive experience for users.


Touch Think has a series of industrial display & computing products suitable for the field of smart medical & healthcare applications. These products are not only ideal for medical equipment but are also used for smart manufacturing, smart cities, artificial intelligence, and other fields. The potential is considerable.



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