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Industrial Panel PC Applies To Rehabilitation Robot

Recently, a rehabilitation robot was installed in the Acupuncture and Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Center of Youxian Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It mainly provides service for those who suffer from stroke, cerebral palsy, brain trauma, Parkinson's disease and spinal cord injury.


The Rehabilitation robot has following features:


1. Motion Control System

It can provide active and passive training mode for patients, and precisely adjust walking angle, offset angle, joint assist, synchronization rate and timing time by adjusting training parameters.


 2. Weight-reducing support system

It can be divided into static mode and dynamic mode. Static mode is used for patients'lifting and moving. Dynamic mode can support and cooperate with the fluctuation of the center of gravity during training. Weight-loss display in the system can enable the treatment room to monitor patients' weight-loss situation at any time and adjust it in time.


3. Sky Track Mobile System

The therapist can control the patient's up and down movement by hand-held remote control, so that the patient can be promoted from the wheelchair to the standing state and moved to the training position.

4. Information Recording System

Industrial panel PC with touch screen monitor in the Rehabilitation robot system plays a important role. It can record patients' name, height, weight, leg length and other basic parameters and establish their own independent database. It can make real-time recording of patients' commonly used training information and programs, so that it can adjust patients' training methods in time and realize the most accurate treatment and achieve the best training effect.


5. Safety Protection System

Intelligent automatic protection: It can identify the spasticity and movement angle of patients. When the training exceeds the range of motion of the patients' joints, the machine safety protection system will automatically start and stop the operation of the machine immediately to ensure that the patients are not subjected to additional injury, and send out warning buzz, which will be readjusted by the medical staff. After that, the patient can continue training. Manual protection: when the patient has discomfort during training, the patient or the medical staff can immediately make related operation to stop the device, so that the patient can stop training to prevent danger.


6. Training Evaluation System

It can reflect the strength curve of lower limbs and the range of motion of joints in the course of training, so as to observe the patient's condition in time and adjust it properly.


Applicable Scope of Rehabilitation Robot:

Rehabilitation robots are mainly used to restore the function of limb movement system of patients, including hemiplegia, cerebral palsy, brain trauma, Parkinson's disease, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, disused muscle weakness, spinal muscular atrophy, prosthesis replacement, degenerative arthritis of lower limbs such as osteoarthritis, etc. Rehabilitation treatment.


The introduction of rehabilitation robots greatly improves the efficiency of rehabilitation treatment and will bring good news to the majority of rehabilitation patients.


Touch Think industrial panel PC with touch screen monitors fitted with Android or Windows operating system are widely used in Rehabilitation Robots or other medical equipments, they are offer reliable performance for 7/24 long-time operation, capacitive touch or resistive touch screen with free control and fast reponse for patient or the medical staff. Reliable Aluminum alloy chassis with strong antioxidant ability, good heat dissipation. Providing reliable service in hospital environments.

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