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Touch Think Subverting Tradition and Constructing a New Era of Intelligent Medicine

Background Introduction


Due to the imperfection of many public medical management systems, the problems of high medical costs, few channels and low coverage are plaguing the people's livelihood. Especially, the current situation of "inefficient medical system, poor quality medical services, overcrowded hospitals, cumbersome medical procedures" has become the main focus of attention of the current society.

In the future, the medical industry will enter the era of full connectivity. Hospitals are facing the problems of diversification of access services, complexity of scenarios and customization of services. Traditional equipment solutions can no longer meet the service requirements of digital hospitals in the new era. Touch Think as the top manufacturer in industrial monitor, industrial panel PC in China, has launched a complete set of integrated digital medical solutions. Help the medical industry to achieve intelligent, digital, fully integrated and other convenient service system, so that patients with a shorter waiting time, pay for basic medical costs, enjoy safe, convenient and high-quality diagnosis and treatment services.


Medical and healthcare concerns the healthy life of tens of millions of people. And due to the particularity of medical industry, medical machinery and equipment are often applied. It is required that the touch control equipment used in medical industry should have the characteristics of simple and accurate operation, alcohol-resistant disinfection, wiping and cleaning, as well as supporting the operation of wearing gloves.


Targeted solutions have been put forward to this problem, and customized touch-control medical equipment has been developed, so that medical staff can wear gloves to touch and identify medical equipment with high sensitivity. Medical touch screen or all-in-one panel PC can be used in nurses' workstations, doctors' offices, patient self-help inquiries, computer-aided medical equipment and so on.


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1. Integrative design, save space, reduce tedious operation procedures.

2. Aluminum alloy fuselage, rugged and durable, reduced medical equipment updates.

3.3mm front panel, embedded in medical equipment, becomes a complete integrated device.

4. Sensitive touch screen. Medical staff can recognize operating equipment when wearing gloves.

5. Industrial self-developed mainboard.

6. Mainstream interface design, also can customize the special interface to support the realization of multi-functional medical treatment.

7. Strong compatibility and adaptability to various special environments.

8. Low-power chipset, save energy consumption, realize the relief of high-current pressure under the operation of many medical devices.

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