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Smart Medicine Cabinet Solution - Embedded Industrial Touch panel PC

Intelligent medicine cabinetBackground Introduction

In traditional hospitals, the basic facilities such as face serials of issues such as limited medicine cabinets can not meet huge demands, and poor storage environment, which led to the disorder of drug placement and incomplete classification of drugs, and failure to achieve warehousing management and outbound information statistical analysis; the pharmacy staff's work information and authority management could not be controlled, so as to prevent other personnel from entering and leaving the pharmacy at will; the temperature control and humidity of the pharmacy were not automatically adjusted, so the drugs could not be guaranteed product storage quality and other issues.

Solution: According to the requirements of the Ministry of Health on the management of the hospital for special drugs, Touch Think specially designs the embedded industrial tablet PC for the intelligent medicine cabinet to meet the needs of large medical enterprises and hospitals. The combination of fingerprint lock and electronic password lock is adopted in the intelligent medicine cabinet. Double lock ensure security. The embedded industrial tablet PC is fitted with a camera for taking photos in real-time, touch screen technology for flexible operation, offering information management for storing drugs.

The industrial touch tablet PC realized the cooperation of high integration drug dispensing management and clinical information data interaction system, improved the working efficiency of medical personnel, ensured the accuracy of data, strictly control the special drugs, improve the level of intelligent medical equipment, and realize the modern medical system.


The nurse opened the smart medicine cabinet through fingerprint verification and took out the dispensed medicine according to the system instructions and sent it directly to each patient.

At first glance, there is not much difference between "smart medicine cabinets" and common medicine cabinets. You can see small drawers filled with several rows of medicines across glass doors. Different from the common medicine cabinet, there is an industrial touch panel PC in the medicine cabinet, and each row of drawers has an indicator light.

A nurse demonstrated how to use it. She touched the password screen with her finger and the fingerprint was verified correctly. The glass door was unlocked. The nurse found the name of a patient on the screen and confirmed that the light above a drawer was lit. She opened the drawer to take out a small bag of medicine and then removed another bag of medicine from another lighted drawer.

The prescribing information from the doctor prescribes will reach the pharmacy and the smart medicine cabinet system. At the pharmacy, the automatic dispensing machine dispenses the medicines, which are then placed by the pharmacist into the drawer of the medicine cabinet. The nurse can also see the doctor's orders and prescriptions on the electronic screen in the medicine cabinet. However, if you want to open the smart medicine cabinet, you must confirm it with a fingerprint, and you can only open the small box that contains the drug that was selected in advance. After taking out the medicine, the small drawer is locked.

According to the requirements of the National Ministry of Health for the management of hospital-specific drugs, Touch Think specifically designs smart embedded industrial panel pc for the medical cabinet that meets the needs of large medical companies. The intelligent medicine cabinet adopts the combination of fingerprint lock and electronic code lock, and the double lock double open ensures safety. The embedded industrial tablet PC can take pictures in real-time with a camera, touch screen operation, stored goods, information management.

The solution of the industrial touch panel computer, the highly integrated dispensing management, and the interaction of the clinical information data exchange system improves the efficiency of the medical staff, ensure the accuracy of the data, strictly control the special drugs, improve the level of intelligent medical equipment, and realize a modern medical system.

The smart medicine cabinet system automatically receives prescription data by seamlessly linking with the HIS, and displays the location, name, specifications, and quantity of medicines currently required for taking medicine according to the prescription data. The LED light prompts the pharmacist to get the medicine quickly and easily. Greatly improved pharmacist work efficiency and reduce the error rate of taking medicine.

"The nurse dispenses medicine according to the prescription to the patient and he has to run to the pharmacy once. If this medicine cabinet is used, the dispensing process will be simpler, not only saving time but also preventing errors." Director of the Department of Drug Equipment and Materials Management said.

Features of Touch Think industrial tablet PCs used in the smart medicine cabinet:

1. The front panel is in compliance with IP65 dust-proof and waterproof protection.

2. The tablet PC supports embedded installation, well to embed it into the cabinet.  

3. Intel CPU with low power consumption, fan-free design, equipped with large area cooling fins, support 24/7 long-term stable operation in the severe environment;

4. Support high brightness display, and equipped with high sensitive five-wire industrial resistance touch screen, with a touch service life up to 35 million times.

5. Normal shutdown function after abnormal power failure to ensure long-term stable operation of the operating system.

6. The data transmission interfaces are designed in strict accordance with industry standards, and all of them adopt fastening plug-ins.

7. Rich I/O interface connection, support expansion.

8. Strong anti-interference and filtering function.

9. Low power consumption operation of the whole machine, long-term energy-saving, and environmental protection performance.

Smart Medicine Cabinet Solution - Embedded Industrial Touch panel PC

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