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Industrial Tablet PC Used In Smart Greenhouse

Under the background of the development of intelligent agriculture, intelligent greenhouse has made more and more breakthroughs in the market in recent years. Driven by new technology, its performance has also been expanded, which has inspired many potential possibilities.


The design and development of greenhouse intelligent monitoring adopts advanced micro-computer technology, sensor technology, automatic control technology, GPRS or 4G network with wide coverage for data transmission, LCD screen display, intelligent man-machine interface and computer for control functions, and mobile phone APP software, so as to realize remote wireless greenhouse automatic control anytime and anywhere, which promotes the construction of "smart agriculture" in China has great influence and profound significance.


The intelligence of greenhouse is mainly reflected in a series of intelligent technologies and automatic equipment controlled by industrial computers, such as sunshade system, temperature control system, drip irrigation system, mobile seedbed and movable skylight, etc. The whole system generally includes central computer, signal acquisition system and control system.

Industrial Tablet PC Used In Smart Greenhouse 

Intelligent greenhouse display window


With the support of modern technology, the construction range of the Greenhouse is more and more wide, thus involved more and more information need to be displaied. The intelligent sensing system which is composed of temperature and humidity sensor, soil temperature and humidity sensor, soil PH sensor and photosynthetic radiation sensor will output a lot of information. The information display system is used to display all kinds of environmental factors detected in the Greenhouse, comprehensively display the field data, which play an important role in it.

In the field of intelligent greenhouse display and monitoring, Touch Think has a serials of independently developed touch type industrial flat panel PCs, produced for this professional solutions. These industrial tablet PCs with touchscreens integrates Network card and Sound card, rich network interface support expansion, strong compatibility, meets the system requirements for multi-directional information, multiple format data input and output, and accesses multiple external modules.


In addition, the fanless design for heat-dissipation support 7/24 long-term stable operation. High resolution LCD touch screen is used to the display for improving user experience in brightness, touching and other aspects. In different practical field scenarios, the flexibility and compatibility of products can be enhanced by adding customers' hardware devices, extra interfaces, customized appearance structure,. etc.


Intelligent Greenhouse Control System

The data collected by the intelligent sensor system will fully display on the monitor, so as to provide decision support for the operator. After the operator receive the whole data, they also need to control and adjust the conditions of intelligent greenhouse through the control system. The control system is composed of a single heating, sprinkler irrigation, ventilation control equipment and central control server. With the cooperation of each part of the control system, the precise control of the greenhouse crop growth process is realized.


With the intelligent development of central control server, the compatibility of its network environment is becoming more and more important. The stability and reliability of the control system under 7/24-hour operation; the ability to expand application scenarios; and the efficiency of control command input and conversion are all factors that need to be considered in the process of hardware system construction.


The new generation embedded industrial computer with low-power consumption produced by Touch Think meet the system requirements. The product adopts the fanless structure for heat dissipation, wide temperature design, which ensure the whole system run stably for a long time. Besides, the rugged industrial grade motherboard with excellent shock resistance  adapts to all kinds of harsh working environment. It also supports network wake-up function and has powerful external network connection function.


Intelligent Greenhouse Monitoring System

Greenhouse involves a wide range of control, in the process of replacing artificial with technology, video monitoring system as the basis of intelligent greenhouse construction, needs the support of intelligent hardware system with excellent performance, and a powerful big data network platform is build on this basis. The intelligent monitoring of the intelligent greenhouse realize the remote monitoring with high security and stability, effectively monitor the real-time operation, and deal with the emergency in time.


In the front-end monitoring and recognition hardware products, the hardware solution of Touch Think industrial computer introduces the concept of edge computing and intelligent vision platform, and fully supports the solution construction in the big data environment. It has significant advantages in pixel, product performance and video information processing ability.


In terms of NVR (1) hardware, the newly built ARM architecture NVR products, with high-performance video coding and decoding engine, high-performance video and graphics processing engine, high product integration, low power consumption, high performance and rich interfaces, provide high-performance, high-quality and low-cost NVR solutions for professional high-end customers of multi-channel high-definition NVR.


In the process of building intelligent greenhouse, more and more iOT technologies are involved in it, and the intelligent process will be upgraded.


Except the intelligent greenhouse, the solution of greenhouse Internet of things also widely used in modern agricultural park, intelligent edible mushroom room, food and vegetable fresh-keeping storehouse and other places that need to monitor the environment.


(1) NVR:The full name of NVR is Network Video Recorder, is the storage and forwarding part of network video monitoring system. NVR works together with video encoder or network camera to complete the video recording, storage and forwarding functions.

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