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Industrial Touch Screen Used In Water Fertilizer Integrated Machine

The Cloud intelligent water fertilizer integrated machine is an intelligent device that integrates the Internet of Things technology and automatic irrigation technology. The equipment is equipped with high-precision digital intelligent sensor, intelligent Cloud terminal, industrial touch screen and diaphragm pump.


The equipment has intelligent perception and statistics of water and fertilizer information, intelligent multi-task and multi-formula management, local visual irrigation management, and accurate fertilizer proportion setting. After the equipment is connected to the Internet, with the Cloud web platform, the remote task management can be realized, and the mobile phone can be used to view the water and fertilizer information and status information of the equipment in real time.


The first unit of Cloud intelligent water fertilizer integrated machine developed by Fujin Irrigation has been successfully applied to customer site, The system uses the technology of industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) and Cloud platform, and combines with sensor technology to realize the real-time remote monitoring and operation to agricultural environment. The Cloud intelligent water fertilizer integrated machine combines with the agricultural environment, and achieve the purpose of timing, quantitative and scientific irrigation through the accurate control and automatic adjustment of EC / pH value. The system automatically records the operation of the equipment, automatically generates the operation and production log, which can be viewed online through the intelligent Cloud platform, convenient and accurate.


In the control part of the Cloud intelligent water fertilizer integrated machine, Touch Think 10.1 inch industrial touch screen and industrial mini PC series products play important role in the whole system. Industrial grade components are used to ensure reliable performance, such as switching power supply, electronic circuit breaker, switch, relay, terminal block and so on. With the customer’s own technical strength and high-quality hardware support from Touch Think, customers have realized the strategic combination of independent equipment development business and brand agent business, and contributed our strength to promote the development of China's intelligent agriculture.

Intelligent Agriculture Expansion Knowledge

Intelligent agriculture or smart agriculture is the application of Internet of Things technology to traditional agriculture, using sensors and software to control agricultural production through mobile platform or computer platform, so that traditional agriculture has more "wisdom". In addition to accurate perception, control and decision-making management, in a broad sense, smart agriculture also includes agricultural E-commerce, food traceability and anti-counterfeiting, agricultural leisure tourism, agricultural information services and other aspects.


The so-called "smart agriculture" is to fully apply the achievements of modern information technology, integrate the application of computer and network technology, Internet of Things technology, audio and video technology, 3S technology, wireless communication technology and expert wisdom and knowledge, and realize the intelligent management of agricultural visual remote diagnosis, remote control, disaster warning,. etc.


Intelligent agriculture is the advanced stage of agricultural production. It integrates emerging Internet, mobile Internet, Cloud computing and Internet of things technologies, and realizes intelligent perception, intelligent early warning, intelligent decision-making and intelligent analysis of agricultural production environment by relying on various sensor nodes (environmental temperature and humidity, soil moisture, carbon dioxide, image, etc.) and wireless communication network deployed in agricultural production sites, expert online guidance to provide accurate planting, visual management and intelligent decision-making for agricultural production.


"Smart agriculture" is a comprehensive application of Cloud computing, sensor network, 3S and other information technologies in agriculture to achieve more complete information-based support, more thorough agricultural information perception, more centralized data resources, more extensive connectivity, more in-depth intelligent control, and more intimate public service. The integration of "smart agriculture" with modern biotechnology, planting technology and other high-tech is of great significance to the construction of world-class agriculture.

Industrial Touch Screen Used In Water Fertilizer Integrated Machine

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