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Industrial All-in-one Panel PCs Applied to Garbage Sorting

Beijing to follow Shanghai's suit on garbage sorting, 'The Beijing urban management commission said on 3rd July, 2019 that Beijing will follow Shanghai's suit on mandatory household garbage sorting, though in different garbage classification standards. On the first day of the new regulation on 1st July, 2019, Shanghai issued 623 notices for rectification to institutes and companies who failed to sort their garbage accurately. Shanghai's garbage classification standards require residents to separate dry refuse, wet trash, recyclable waste and hazardous waste. Individuals who fail to sort garbage may be fined up to 200 yuan (about $29). The Beijing urban management commission said it plans to classify residential garbage into kitchen waste, recyclable waste and hazardous waste. The punishment standard will be no less than that in Shanghai.'

- from China Daily

Most of China's cities will launch garbage sorting regulation very soon for protecting environments and maximizing the utilization of Waste Resource.

Under the implementation of the policy, according to experts' prediction, garbage classification will stimulate tens of billions or even hundreds of billions of market space, coupled with the needs growth of classified garbage bins/cans, combined with the demand of modern people for intelligent products, intelligent classified garbage bins may become a new trend of industry development !

1. Reasonable appearance and structure

Touch Think designed with a 3mm super-thin front panel structure, which can be perfectly embedded in the garbage bin machine to form an integrated and perfect combination. Touch Think offer a variety of screen size choices to provide more application possibilities for the intelligent garbage bin.

2. Strong heat dissipation

Touch Think industrial all-in-one tablet PCs are designed by one-piece die-casting of aluminum alloy. The full-flat panel is IP65 rated dust-proof and waterproof. Suitable for rainy and dusty outdoor environment and strong heat-dissipation, which can ensure stable all-day running of garbage bin.

3. Industrial A + Touch Screen Wide Screen

As the touch center of the smart garbage bin, Touch Think industrial all-in-one panel PC equipped with industrial A + wide screen with a display brightness up to 300 cd/m2, supports VGA, and support light-sensitive function. It can adjust the screen brightness according to the changes of environmental light. It can realize high-definition and high-brightness playback of various formats of video and pictures in both day and night.


4. Face Recognition

Touch Think industrial computer supports face recognition technology. Users can collect "portrait information" by touching the all-in-one PC. After completing the registration of personal accounts, they can continue to complete the garbage sorting and delivery according to the prompt on the screen. At the same time, users can directly verify the identity of users through "face recognition" when they buy garbage bags and other commodities by using integrals in the later period by function of "face recognition". More humanized design can create more ultimate experience for users.


5. Meet the needs of outdoor wide-temperature

Touch Think all-in-one panel PC can operate normally and steadily in the environment of - 10 - 60°C. Support expand the requirement of customized wide temperature for special scene environment of - 30 - 80°C. It can meet the wide temperature and high requirement of garbage bin adapting to various outdoor harsh and complex environments.


6. Surveillance camera

The industrial all-in-one tablet PC equipped with camera to support the monitoring function of garbage bin has. The garbage classification management is more in flexible and easier, and people's behavior is more standardized through day and night monitoring.


7. IC Card Function

Touch Think industrial all-in-one panel PC support equipping with IC card module. By using the classified QR code of IC card or display screen, users can operate according to the device prompt, then the garbage bin gate will open and close automatically after delivery. At the same time, the IC card function can also be used to accumulate integrals to stimulate.


8. GPS positioning function

Supporting GPS positioning function. After the product is installed, the user only needs to turn on the intelligent device. The server can automatically get the specific location information of the product and find the location of the corresponding garbage bin.


9. Support multiple interfaces

In addition, multiple interfaces of industrial all-in-one panel PC is necessary for the intelligent garbage bin. Touch Think all-in-one panel PCs support customization service for the interface on the basis of the daily interface. In this way, the garbage bin can realize the full load warning function. When there is no space for loading garbage, the corresponding warning lamp lights up and the feeding motor stops working. At the same time, temperature detection can also be carried out to predict whether there is fire in the box in advance, which greatly improves the safety performance of public facilities.


10. Cloud Platform Management

Touch Think industrial all-in-one panel PCs can realize cloud platform management for the intelligent garbage bin. According to information data uploaded by the panel PC, Community Managers can check and analyses garbage bin usage information, classified processing situation, equipment operation status, etc. What's more, the all-in-one PC support fault self-diagnosis, it's easy to maintain.


11. Compatibility with Multi-Software Requirements

In addition to industrial computers, in response to the need for more software compatible with the smart classifier garbage bin, Touch Think Android all-in-one PC will better meet the needs of public smart devices for Android systems. Users can connect with Android through mobile phones. They can check their integral and garbage delivery information anytime and anywhere, which is more compliant with the product characteristics of the Internet of Things era.


To sum up, standing at the trend of garbage sorting, for the rapid growth of the intelligent sorting garbage bin market, Touch Think consider that the application of industrial all-in-one panel PC and Android integrated machine  applied to intelligent sorting garbage bin will be a major development trend in the future industry. At the same time, under the continuous implementation of the policy, domestic garbage classification will be fully implemented, and intelligent classification bin will also develop more functions to help garbage classification better launching !


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