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Intelligent Apartment

The apartment's intelligent equipment management system helps long-term rental apartments to manage apartments, freeing apartment butlers from simple and repetitive work, reducing management costs and making apartment management easier!


By checking general situation of apartment intelligent equipment management system, the manager can clearly understand the annual income, annual expenditure, room entry ratio, room control and other related data of apartment.


Intelligent apartment solution, apartment management system and apartment intelligent hardware are highly matched for each other, the self-developed industrial intelligent all-in-one PC is widely used as intelligent door lock, face recognition, ID recognition, vehicle access scanning or visitor attendance verification. We provide kinds of customization service on terms of functional modules to meet the software requirements. On terms of system, the industrial Android all-in-one panel PC can realize the hierarchical management of multi-level account authority, realize the condition monitoring of equipment such as door lock, water meter, remote password issuance; at the same time, it opens the API interface of the system to achieve rapid docking with other management systems; records such as open-door data record query, abnormal record alarm and timely feedback. All of these features make apartment management easier for long-term and short-term tenants.


In the function of rental management, there are many functions, such as reminder to be done, apartment management, room overview, tenant bill, tenant contract, manual meter reading and so on. Users can get a detailed understanding of the day to-do bills, to-do contracts, to-do memorandums and other related matters.

Highlights of Smart Apartment Solutions


1. Technical highlights

Intelligent all-in-one panel PC (also called integrated computer) and Gateway adopt wireless communication, connecting with management center platform to realize data transmission synchronization and backup function; wireless part adopts air encryption technology, network part adopts financial level, asymmetric encryption algorithm to ensure data transmission security.


2. Management Advantages

Apartment intelligent equipment management system can realize the management functions of booking, remote unlocking, multi-level authority, real-time allocation, real-name certification, online contract signing, online rent payment, pre-stored of water and electricity charges, power cut, convenient rent reminder, publishing house source information online, check-out online and so on.


3. Strong compatibility 

Door locks device, water meters and other equipment directly connect with the central management system platform, users directly connect with the customer's central management platform, personal information is well-guaranteed. The all in one panel PC can be compatible with a variety of operating systems.


4. Intelligent control 

Gateway is connected by door lock, water meter and other devices through related communication protocols. The Gateway connects to the Internet by means of WIFI, 4G or Wlan, and adopts the related Internet of Things communication protocol to complete the control of cloud devices and the reporting of device information.

Apartment smart device management system


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