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Paperless Conference System

Paperless meeting system is an intelligent meeting interaction system based on LAN, private network or mobile Internet. It uses communication technology, audio technology, video technology and software technology to realize paperless meeting through electronic exchange of documents. It is characterized by networked file transmission, electronic file display, intelligent file editing and controllable file input and output. The core functions are mainly to achieve the functions of meeting check-in, person guide, file distribution and upload, file synchronization demonstration, voting, handwritten annotation, call service, voice subtitle display, remote video conference and so on. Interactive applications of windows, IOS and Android across system platforms have been implemented. Paperless conference terminals have diversified forms: LCD lifting conference terminals, flip LCD terminals, flat paperless, desktop conference terminals and so on. Ultra-thin liquid crystal lifting paperless conference terminal has become the mainstream. They are mainly used in applications like public prosecution law department, government, finance, education, enterprises and institutions.


Paperless Conference Concept

A basic feature of paperless conference system is that the conference room has a large screen of public video display and a seat display controlled and used by each seat. When selecting seat display or asynchronous display, the participants will operate the intelligent terminal by themselves. At this time, the intelligent terminal is like a standard computing unit used independently. Each participant can independently switch between synchronous or asynchronous display of public signals.


How to realize and construct paperless conference system has been tried by various system integrators and software development companies. Paperless conference system should firstly be an intelligent conference system. Intelligence here is not only the intelligent management and control of the equipment used in the conference room, but also the intelligent tools and services provided for the conference process. More importantly, it is necessary to realize the intellectualization of the conference process, the mode of use, even the information retrieval and decision-making. At the same time, the conference system must adapt to and be compatible with the rapid development of information technology, the overwhelming number of software products, and the intelligent decision-making brought forward by the explosive growth of background data and information resources due to the emergence of the Internet, cloud computing and big data.


With LCD touch display terminal (LCD touch screen, conference panel, etc.) as the center, it integrates high-definition video and unified communication function, intelligent multi-screen interactive sharing function, intelligent conference room central control, audio and video acquisition and sound reinforcement system to form a "people-oriented" intelligent conference experience. It integrates conference functions (video check-in, call service, bidding voting, short message sending and receiving, document asynchronous viewing, conference data synchronous display and handwritten annotation, video on demand or live broadcasting, online browsing, conference speech, etc.) on intelligent display terminals to the greatest extent, and provides users with the most natural UI form of simulation. Human-computer interaction interface (supporting multi-point capacitive touch screen), but also to achieve mobile phones, tablet computers, notebook computers and other mobile terminals and intelligent display terminal collaborative work, intelligent sharing and interactive control.


The peripheral equipment related to the paperless conference system includes audio system, power amplifier system, video system, speech recognition system, software system (providing conference services and conference aids), screen lifting or flipping system for each seat, projection system or splicing screen for public display, network switch, central control system, DVDs, and video matrices, etc.

Equipment Form

1. Lifting type:

The speed of lifting or falling can be completed in 8 seconds. The elevation angle of the screen is 0-60 degrees. The elevation angle of the screen can be adjusted by hands.


The inner fitted with 15.6-34 inch LCD screen, usually, is multi-touch capacitive touch screen. It is easy to operate and matain, offering a perfect viewing anlge for users. The system also support wireless keyboard, mouse or handwriting board.


A 7-inch LCD electronic display board with resolution of 1366*768 DPI is embedded on the outside of the shell. It supports remote name editing. The background template can be customized.


LCD display screen is a high resolution (1920x1080dpi) true color digital LCD screen providing clear and bright display effect.


Support multiple functions such as background centralized control, unified mandatory switch check-in, calling, vote, video, manuscript interface and name display.


Support remote control system, remote diagnosis, automatic update and upgrade.


2. Reversal type:

It integrates flip display, lifting keyboard, computer host and paperless UI interface. The key mouse hides when not in use. When the flipper is turned on, the display automatically flips to a certain angle, and the keyboard rises with it. The shape is light and beautiful. The latest mechanical anti-gripper function is safe and reliable. The lifting panel is equipped with switch keys, USB, lifting keys, and headphone jacks. The panel size, color, material and color of the box can be customized according to user's needs. It can be controlled by a single computer or by a central control system.


3. Desktop

The system is based on desktop platform and adopts industry desktop architecture. The hardware configuration includes dual-core processor and multi-touch true color digital LCD screen. Desktop mobile touch conference terminal system realizes full digital management, supports Ethemet network connection mode, and effectively guarantees communication quality. The central node of the system is connected in the serial mode of Gigabit ethernet, and the cascade expansion is realized through the network line. The terminal adopts the way of wired communication networking, which has good adaptability to various of conference halls and temporary venues.


4. Flat Panel Type

Tablet computers have become mainstring in various of applications in daily life. The flat panel display screen designed with paperless conference software together, offer good and flexibility and rapidity for intelligent conference system.


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