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Enhancing Efficiency: Touch Panel PC for Digital Kitchen Display Systems

Industry Background

The kitchen is a complex and bustling scene, especially during peak dining hours. Traditional chefs use manual operations to communicate with the front hall, which can easily lead to information distortion and low efficiency. The key to improving restaurant service standards and customer dining experience is to complete meal orders calmly, efficiently, and in an orderly manner amidst a mountain of orders.


In the digital era, the rationality and intelligence of machines can effectively alleviate the aforementioned challenges in scenarios. In the intelligent development of the kitchen, the KDS (kitchen display system) plays a crucial role.


Industry Application Requirements

The Kitchen Display System is a common digital solution in the catering industry, it essentially simplifies the communication chain among the kitchens. Its principle is to transmit order information from the ordering system in real-time to the kitchen display screen, eliminating third-party intervention, reducing human errors, and improving meal efficiency.


The touch screen panel PC is a common device used in KDS that undertakes the core touch control and display functions in the system and is usually installed in the kitchen, food outlet, and other locations. In practical applications, the panel PC in the KDS not only processes a large amount of real-time order information, but also handles environmental issues such as high temperature, humidity, and heavy oil pollution in the kitchen. The processing efficiency and operational stability of the touch screen panel PC have become the core demands.


Touch Think Solution

Touch Think has a profound insight into the demands of the scene and has launched a fourth-generation ARM architecture all-in-one panel PC that is suitable for the KDS in the catering industry, demonstrating excellent functionality in achieving digital kitchen applications.


Enhancing Efficiency: Touch Panel PC for Digital Kitchen Display SystemsThe display function is the most basic functional structure of the KDS, and all order information and dish status can be viewed in real-time on the all-in-one panel PC. The display module of the fourth-generation all-in-one touchscreen panel PC adopts a closed frame structure with good sealing performance. The pure flat front panel reaches IP65 dust and water resistance, effectively avoiding display failures caused by the kitchen's water mist, and making it easier to clean and maintain. And this panel PC is equipped with resistive or ten-point capacitive touch screens and supports touch control by wearing gloves or wet fingers. In addition, the DC interface adopts a thread anti-shedding design to enhance the panel PC's stability and connection performance. The screen of the panel PC features scratch-resistant and corrosion-resistant and provides upgraded and customized screen configurations such as size, brightness, and visual angle, enhancing the readability and usability of the kitchen display.

The KDS is often used in connection with the POS system at the front counter. After the self-service ordering and takeaway mode are integrated, it also needs to interface with third-party software platforms, which requires the KDS system to have powerful processing, computing, network communication, and system integration capabilities. The Touch Think fourth-generation ARM architecture all-in-one panel PC is equipped with high-performance Multi-Core processors, integrating wireless communication technologies such as Gigabit Ethernet, 3G/4G, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc. It integrates the powerful open-source attributes of the Android ecosystem, supports open system integration and software customization, and can quickly process multichannel orders. According to the order amount and completion time requirements, dishes are queued and scheduled, making the kitchen process smoother and more efficient.

The Touch Think all-in-one panel PC also comes with abundant peripheral interfaces, which can expand kitchen functions such as printing, scanning, and electronic weighing, achieving more intelligent value-added applications.


This touch flat panel PC features a fashionable and beautiful appearance design, and the housing is engineered of robust metal material, which is resistant to oil pollution, corrosion, and impact. In terms of operating standards, it supports wide temperature operation (-10 ℃~60 ℃) and wide voltage operation (DC12V-36V), it has high adaptation to high-temperature environments in the kitchen; Supports various installation methods such as VESA, desktop, and wall-mounted, ideal for the layout of the kitchen structure.



As food safety issues continue to be taken seriously, kitchens have begun to enter the public perspective from the backend. The bright kitchen stoves driven by the KDS system are not only an environmental standard, but also a marketing tool. At present, Touch Think flat touch panel PC has been widely used in the field of smart catering. Integrating with the KDS, it effectively enhances the intelligence level of the kitchen and transmits clean, standardized, orderly, and efficient kitchen operations to customers' dining experience. It has become an important means of adding value to the dining hall.

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