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Industrial Monitor Applied To AI Industry

Apr. 07, 2024

According to published data from authoritative agencies, by 2017, the global core industry of AI has exceeded US$37 billion, and is expected to exceed US$130 billion by 2020, with an average annual growth rate of 60%.


In 2017, the scale of AI core industry in China reached about 5.6 billion US dollars. It is estimated that by 2022, the domestic AI market will reach 68 billion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of nearly 65%, or reach 100 billion market.


In addition, with the traction of the Internet giants such as Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu, it can be predicted that the domestic AI industry will continue to grow at a high speed, and contain tremendous market opportunities.


In the huge market demand, the technology of Artificial Intelligence studied by Touch Think is not only limited to logical thinking, but also can use image thinking and inspiration thinking to promote the breakthrough development of Artificial Intelligence. At present, in the field of artificial intelligence, Touch Think covers such services as machine vision, fingerprint recognition, face recognition, intelligent control, voice recognition, intelligent robots and so on. It covers such application scenarios as intelligent travel, intelligent banking, intelligent medical treatment, intelligent community and intelligent logistics.

Industrial Monitor Applied To AI Industry

1) Intelligent Transportation-Solution of Automatic Ticket-checking Gate Machine for Face Recognition

In view of the application scenario of intelligent travel, Touch Think has introduced the solution of automatic face recognition ticket-checking gate machine. The combination of industrial mini PC and industrial all-in-one panel PC can better satisfy the users'strong stability, expansibility and fluency of the gate machine.


Through the self-developed industrial mini PC, Touch Think can not only maintain the ability of high-speed data processing, but also keep the system running smoothly and steadily in the situation of a large number of data processing during the peak period of passenger flow.


At the same time, the built-in camera equipped in the industrial integration panel PC can capture the passengers' information with highly speed, and passengers can pass the turnstile at fast speed, which is the guarantee of the huge flow of people in stations, subway, airports and other scenarios.


2) Intelligent Service-Solution of Robot Touch Display


Touch Think industrial integration all-in-one panel PC and industrial Android tablet PC have superior technical advantages in the application of service robots. They can keep the robots running steadily all day and have smooth operation experience with 10-point touch, which greatly improves the user's experience for robots.


Touch Think series industrial all-in-one panel PC has IP65 rated dust-proof and waterproof, anti-interference, anti-vibration, anti-electromagnetic and other characteristics, and is also the guarantee of long-term stability of the performance of robots.


Unlike the industrial all-in-one PC, the Touch Think industrial Android tablet PC is pre-installed with Android 6.0 system, which is compatible with more software, and more in line with the habits of the most system in market.


In addition, both of Touch Think series of intelligent industrial all-in-one panel PC and industrial Android tablet PC are support customize the interface, visual angle, working temperature and other services according to the needs of users, covering more application scenarios to bring greater value for customers.


3) Intelligent Community-Application Solution of Access Control


Touch Think has created a set of application solutions for the smart community. This scheme not only eliminates the inconvenience of the traditional access control card, but also adds face recognition technology, which enables users to collect information through face recognition, so that they can freely access community by face recognition, which greatly improves the convenience and security of access control.


In this solution, it is the Touch Think self-developed industrial motherboard plays a key role. The industrial board support multi-module integration and make the application products run steadily while maintaining low power consumption.


At the same time, the solution of intelligent community support customized services, and expand users'use scenarios in an all-round way. It is worth mentioning that the data information collected by the all-in-one panel PC can also be uploaded to the cloud in time to provide a more reliable guarantee for users'information security.


4) Intelligent Logistics-Touch Solution of Logistics Warehousing Robot


As the main part of intelligent logistics, warehousing robots are required to maintain stable operation during the peak of express processing, and the touch screen display device of robots will determine this characteristic.


Touch Think industrial display has the characteristics of strong fall resistance, low power consumption, strong heat dissipation, etc. It can adapt to the working condition of warehousing robots which need to transport heavy objects and operate uninterruptedly all day, and can maintain the stability of long-term operation of robots.


At the same time, the anti-interference, anti-electromagnetic, high and low temperature characteristics of the industrial touch screen monitor can ensure the precise operation of the robot, reduce the error rate during express sorting, and avoid additional manual labor cost.


The development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be predicted to be an irresistible development trend. In market of AI, touch screen display plays an indispensable role in the market.


As a top manufacturer of industrial touch screen monitor, industrial panel PC, industrial Android all-in-one PC. The industrial product series has significant advantages in the field of artificial intelligence. We believe that in the future, with the continuous development of the artificial intelligence market, Touch Think will play its own technological advantages and bring more high-quality products and solutions for the development of the industry.

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