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Touch Think Industrial Panel PC Applied To Petroleum and Petrochemical industry

Jul. 12, 2019

In May, 2019, the 2nd Digital China Construction Summit was successfully held in Fuzhou, which fully demonstrated the development achievements of digital China and digital economy in recent years. As a new strategy of national informatization development in the new era, "Digital China" has received positive response from all fields of life and industry in China since it was put forward. Thousands of enterprises have also formulated effective plans for the full realization of informatization construction. Among them, petroleum and petrochemical industry, as an important industry of national economy, is one of the main areas of implementing the strategic policy of "Digital China", which also makes the market demand of its enterprise information construction rise sharply.


As an industrial intelligent touch display equipment manufacturer, Touch Think pays great attention to the dynamic state of information policy, and actively provides new support for the information construction of many enterprises in all aspects of life. Due to the catalytic role of "Digital China", in response to the needs of rapid information construction of petroleum and petrochemical enterprises, Touch Think relies on its own advantages to develop a professional solution for petroleum and petrochemical enterprises.


Take Sinopec as example. Recently, a batch of Touch Think information acquisition machines have been rapidly and widely used in Sinopec projects by adopting to Touch Think industrial all-in-one tablet PC. Sinopec has been adhering to the governance concept of "running enterprises according to law". While implementing the overall strategic deployment of ruling the country according to law, Sinopec has focused on the optimization of contract management information system and the second phase upgrading of comprehensive legal management system. It has adopted Touch Think information acquisition equipment to help promote legal workflow. Standardization and information construction level.


For the past, as the number of employees and visitors in large enterprises is too large, the paper document information collection in the past not only needs to establish a special archive room to store the archives cabinet, occupying space, but also is extremely inconvenient to find information, which consumes too much time. At present, the company's electronic information collection is only implemented in the office.


Project Solutions

In view of the above pain problems of Sinopec,Touch Think has formulated an integrated information acquisition machine solution.


1. Adoption of equipment 

1) Name: Touch Think 10.1-inch industrial all-in-one tablet PC for information acquisition


2) Product characteristics:


(1) The fuselage is formed by one-piece die casting of aluminium alloy, which has strong anti-corrosion and good heat dissipation.

(2) The appearance of the whole tablet PC is fashionable, compact, portable and suitable for mobile operation;

(3) Integration of multiple modules with complete functions;

(4) Configuration of self-developed industrial J1900 motherboard, with stable performance and low power consumption characteristics;

(5) The all-in-one PC support wireless network and wifi, it can work with Internet anytime, anywhere, breaking the geographical limitations;

(6) Collecting data and information, and can be uploaded to cloud server timely to provide a reliable guarantee for information security.


3) Customized design: add ID card reader, fingerprint device, high-speed camera, battery, power management module.


2. Solution Advantages

Touch Think information acquisition all-in-one PC is very convenient to collect employee information. It only needs three steps to complete the information registration: induction ID card, fingerprint input and certificate photography. After registration, the employee information can be searched through software at any time. It is no longer necessary to recommend that the archives room keep paper files. Information registration and inquiry are more convenient.


At the same time, Touch Think also equipped the device with portable toolbox, specifications within 20 inches, which can be easily carried on the plane to meet the needs of personnel travel, through the software developed by customers to upload and save to the cloud server, establish safe, large storage of electronic archives preservation system, greatly improved the enterprise's efficiency of information collection, registration and inquiry of employee and visitors, and saved the material resources and human resources of enterprises.


In addition, the industrial all in one PC is equipped with 8,000 mA power supply, which can support mobile use, bringing users a more convenient experience.


3. Application Scenario Expansion

Touch Think information acquisition all-in-one PC can not only be used for enterprise information gathering, but also can be extended to the use of smart city self-check gate machine, smart community car access, access control, as well as business intelligence terminal intelligent bank, medical and other use scenarios, with excellent and stable performance, to serve a wider user group.


User Evaluation

The solution of Touch Think intelligent information acquisition integrated machine, which can quickly collect the information of employees and visitors through simple operation. It has the characteristics of small size and multi function, and brings great convenience to the enterprises. At the same time, a good configuration foundation makes the performance of the equipment more stable. It can also expand many application scenarios and quality is well- guaranteed.

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