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Industrial Tablet Used In Intelligent Environmental Protection

Environmental protection, as an important way to maintain the harmonious coexistence of human beings and the earth, has been highly valued and promoted by governments all over the world. However, industrial development, exploitation of various natural resources, and the explosion of domestic garbage make human activities gradually penetrate into the whole ecological environment, and the consequences of environmental garbage pollution, species extinction, virus transmission, land desertification, Greenhouse effect, and other natural ecological deterioration become increasingly severe!


Among them, garbage pollution is undoubtedly one of the main culprits. In order to reduce the harm of waste pollution, many countries have made great efforts, and the domestic waste classification policy is popular in many cities!


Development trend of intelligent garbage sorting equipment


Since the government set the goal of waste classification in 2019, a new round of planning for domestic waste classification has started nationwide. With the goal of building the whole network framework of garbage classification of domestic cities, communities, streets, etc., to achieve the national garbage classification planning and management, in response to national policies, various provinces and cities have issued and Implemented the Regulations on the Management of Domestic Garbage.


With the introduction of artificial intelligence, the Internet of things, and other emerging technologies, it has become a hot topic to help garbage classification in an intelligent way. So far, intelligent garbage collection stations, intelligent garbage sorting cabinet, intelligent garbage room, intelligent box, etc. have all installed in cities and communities.


According to the prediction of experts in the industry, with the continuous implementation of domestic garbage classification policy, the waste classification may bring about more than 100 billion RMB market development space. Combined with the construction needs of smart city and smart community, it can be predicted that the application prospect of intelligent equipment in garbage classification, environmental protection, and other aspects is very considerable.


Touch Think industrial Android tablets apply to the intelligent plastic beverage bottle recycling machine


In much intelligent garbage sorting equipment, touch display equipment, as the main equipment to realize the functions of on-site operation prompt, putting photos, data visualization, background troubleshooting, tracking to the user, occupies an indispensable position.

 Industrial Tablet Used In Intelligent Environmental Protection

Intelligent Plastic Beverage Bottle Recycling Machine

So, in response to the outdoor use of intelligent garbage sorting equipment, to overcome the problems of rainy, dusty, long-time operation, etc., The Touch Think industrial Android tablet PC embedded into the equipment needs to meet the following requirements.


In the case, the touch display part in the intelligent garbage sorting equipment is Touch Think industrial Android all-in-one tablet PC. It adopts to the inner embedded mounting, and an extra sturdy frame is installed on the front panel. Highly fits with the vertical cabinet equipment. The front panel is produced with a true flat design and IP65 rating dust-proof and waterproof, which effectively prevent impurities from entering the tablet interior, adapt to the outdoor rainy and dusty environment, and prolong the service life.


The all-in-one tablet PC adopts capacitive touch mode, ten-point touch technology with fast response, and zero-delay. In addition, the display brightness of the tablet is 300cd/m2. The working temperature ranges from - 10℃ to +60 ℃ for normal use. Not only offering a better sense of touch and visual experience but also have better stability for outdoor use. Additionally, the industrial tablet PC supports with customized wide temperature operation performance, up to - 30 ℃ ~ +80 ℃, so as to meet various harsh and complex outdoor environments.  


What's more, this all-in-one Android tablet PC built with a photosensitive function, support adjust the brightness of the screen according to the change of the ambient light.


In terms of configuration, the all-in-one tablet PC realizes the full Networking mode, carries the Android 6.0 operating system, provides the SDK software development kit, to support the secondary software development for users, and it is compatible with all kinds of APPs.


In terms of the motherboard, the tablet PC adopts Touch Think self-developed industrial-grade main board A64, with the main frequency of 1.5GHz, which can run efficiently without jamming. It can realize the use of the self-contained system of the equipment. In addition to the realization of intelligent recovery and points exchange, it can also synchronize intelligent sorting, intelligent transportation, intelligent processing, and other links.


More importantly, according to the user's needs, all Touch Think all-in-one tablet PC support OEM / ODM customization services. This tablet PC built with an RFID scanning function. Users realize zero-contact when delivering bottles into the recycling system. More customization items including appearance, display size, screen, module function, etc.

In general, in the intelligent garbage classification, for the demand of touch display equipment, the industrial-grade all-in-one tablet PC is more suitable for intelligent environmental protection scenarios due to its advantages of dust-proof and waterproof, stability, software compatibility, customization service, etc.


Environmental protection is a long-term strategic plan, coupled with the development of science and technology, combined with emerging technology to better assist environmental protection will become an inevitable trend, the current application of intelligent equipment is undoubtedly the hot focus of the industry. No matter what trend, what kind of technology and equipment, it is only for better protection of our common living environment, and everyone needs to start from around small things.








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