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Industrial Tablet Used In Wireless Temperature Monitoring Of Power Grid

1. Current situation of temperature monitoring in power grid industry

In the power system of transmission and transformation, on-line temperature monitoring has always been a very important and closely concerned issue. The direct cause of the failure of the transmission and transformation grid and distribution network equipment is the internal contacts of various closed high-voltage switches, the joints of transformers, busbars, cables, etc. due to the poor quality, loose crimping, aging materials, increasing contact resistance, the joints are overheated or even burnt when the load increases. The quality of the joint can only be found during operation, and the longer the operation time, the more likely it is to overheat and burnt out. Once there is an accident, the damage is very heavy. If early warning and rapid measures can be taken in the early period of the accident, it will effectively avoid the occurrence of such accidents. Therefore, it is very urgent to monitor the temperature of contacts, joints, power equipment and their environment in real time and accurately.


Since 2016, We have been keep healthy cooperation relationship with Zhizhong Technology, one of our customers, who is a professicial solution provider in chemical industry, intelligent grid, power genarationg and distribution system.

One of its solutions is wireless temperature monitoring system of substation, it can effectively monitor and forewarn the high-voltage switch cabinet, bus joint, cable joint, outdoor switch, dry-type transformer, capacitor and other easily heated parts of the substation. The system can timely and accurately reflect the dynamic situation and real-time information of temperature parameters to the monitoring computer system, help the management stuff to analyze the abnormal temperature in a certain period of time, find out the problems, and reduce the security risks.


2. System overview


The wireless temperature monitoring system of Zhizhong Technology substation is mainly composed of two parts: field and control center. The site consists of card reading equipment, wireless temperature measuring card and industrial computer; And the control center consists of data server,. etc.


3. System features

<1> Real time acquisition of temperature parameters of transmission and transformation grid equipment.


<2> The system support message alarm function, which can inform the operator detailed information in time, so as to avoid accident.


<3> Refer to historical data, horizontal comparative analysis is good for early warning.


<4> Touch Think industrial tablet on site or background server software offer a variety of data observation methods.


<5> The system is easy to install and implement, and the temperature measuring station is easy to expand.


Systems network architecture

The network structure of Zhizhong Technology  wireless temperature monitoring system is as follows:

Industrial Tablet Used In Wireless Temperature Monitoring Of Power Grid 

The system wirelessly reads the temperature measurement card data on the transmission and transformation grid equipment through the remote card reader, and there are multiple display modes after the preliminary data processing.


On the one hand, it can be transmitted to the industrial field through the 485 protocol copper cable. After the data is processed and updated by the Touch Think industrial tablet PC, the relevant information will be displayed on the monitoring screen in the form of graphs and lists. The field personnel use the industrial tablet for short-term data statistical analysis and real-time monitoring. When the monitoring temperature exceeds the normal range, it will show alarm on the field monitoring page .


On the other hand, the data received and processed by the external network server will be displayed on the monitoring screen in the form of graphs and lists. The user can use the computer to access the system platform for statistical analysis and real-time monitoring. When the monitoring temperature exceeds the normal range, an alarm will be given on the monitoring page, and at the same time, the alarm information will be sent to the administrator through the SMS sending device to mobile phone.

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