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TouchThink Intelligence 15.6 inch Industrial Panel PC Used In Automatic Detection Equipment

Background Introduction

Today it has been widely used in the packaging of various commodities, especially in food, medicine, medical equipment and other industries. With the emphasis on packaging security in China, the relevant departments have gradually increased the quality control and supervision of packaging, and laws and regulations have been promulgated. The testing and quality control of packaging materials have been included in the quality control of each unit as one of the important projects.

Packaging and printing manufacturers need to test their defects after the bottles have been manufactured. The traditional artificial eye detection is not only time-consuming and inefficient, but the accuracy is difficult to guarantee. Aiming at this problem,TouchThink Intelligence on-line bottle defect detection solution will greatly solve the problems caused by artificial eye detection and effectively improve the production efficiency and product quality.

Manufacturer industrial panel PC man-machine interface configuration requirements

1、Software interface is 1920*1080 resolution, need high score screen.

2、High storage, high test accuracy, stable operation, strong technical support.

3、Consistent with the device panel PC.

4、Frame needs waterproof and dustproof.

5、Support glove touch.

industrial panel PC


The starting point for the design of automatic packaging testing equipment is to satisfy the user's basic requirements for testing equipment. The automatic detection device consists of a light source, a camera, an image processing system, and a defective reject device. The camera records the characteristics of each bottle and judges whether or not it is qualified through image processing. Unqualified bottles will be rejected.

How automatic detection equipment works ?

1: The bottle goes through the positioning sensor and detects the arrival of the bottle. The control unit records the bottle identification number and records the current encoder signal. 

2: The positioning sensor informs the camera to capture the current bottle image. After the photographing is completed, the image is processed by the image processor, and the image processor transfers its processing result to the man-machine interface for dynamic display on the one hand and to the detection control unit on the other hand.

panel PC

3: The detection and control unit is divided into 4 modules—bottle cap detection module, liquid level detection module, inkjet code detection module and label detection module. The LED light source is used in combination with advanced strobe control technology and a dedicated embedded image processing system is used. The real-time processing is performed on the continuously acquired image. After the image is processed, the processing result is sent to the control unit, and the defective bottle is removed in time. 

4: After receiving the unqualified signal, the rejecter immediately removes the bottle with the corresponding identification number.

The newly designed touch screen man-machine interface adopts an industrial-grade capacitive touch screen, which has unparalleled operation feel and reliability of the resistance touch screen, and enhances the reliability of the human-machine interface. At the same time, solid-state hard disks are used to store data, which has high reliability and is not easily damaged. Excellent graphical user interface facilitates the correct use of equipment by operators.

TouchThink 15.6-inch industrial panel PC achieves the following functions.

1, custom high resolution 1920 * 1080, with the client software interface resolution.

2, equipped with J1900 motherboard +2G memory +32GB SSD to solve customer data storage problems and improve the operating speed.

3, 3mm ultra-thin aluminum alloy material, embedded installation, and testing equipment integration, beautiful, convenient.

4, configure IP65 dustproof and waterproof protection level, to prevent water droplets or external splash water into the device.

5, capacitive touch mode, support for multi-touch, high precision, no drift.

Application Evaluation

In the past, the operation method was based on the manual inspection of product flatness and manual packaging. This increased the manpower cost for the company. The work efficiency was low, and there was a hidden danger of quality. It was very easy to cause bad products to be mixed into good products and cause subsequent defects. Large consumption of bad, and artificial detection is also prone to secondary damage, increase the rate of defects. The gradual use of automatic packaging testing equipment can promote the overall level of packaging equipment to increase the development of multi-functional, high-efficiency, low-consumption packaging equipment. Packaging technology will eventually follow the trend of automation.

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