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Case of CNC Machine Tool Project

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Customer Name: Dongguan Zhenyu Industrial Co., Ltd.

Application Model: 19-inch Embedded Industrial Monitor


Advantage analysis: In order to cooperate with the operation of precision machine tools, Touch Think specializes in organizing R&D department to tack technical difficulties, and quickly solving the immediate problems. At the same time, combined with the high quality products, it perfectly meets the almost stringent product requirements of Zhenyu Industry.


Zhenyu Industry is engaged in the design, manufacture, sale of small precision industrial CNC machine tools. It has nearly 20 years of technical accumulation and industry experience. Zhenyu Industry has mature products and solutions in the field of mobile phone panel manufacturing, touch screen glass processing, precision mechanical parts manufacturing, relief mold manufacturing, and has a high reputation in the industry. Zhenyu Industry has CNC Research Institute, CNC Production and Manufacturing Base, CNC Test Base, 24-hour Service Center and so on.


Zhenyu Industrial Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the design, manufacture and sale of small precision CNC machine tools. It also develops various small special CNC machine tools for customers. Its products are mainly used in mobile phone manufacturing, die manufacturing and precision machinery parts manufacturing, and have high visibility in the industry. The products are all made of high precision natural granite, high precision transmission, guiding functional parts and high stability, high reliability electrical control system. With the above different subdivisions, products have been highly targeted and serialized integration. It not only provides the products to the users, but also provides the whole set of process solutions to the users.


Zhenyu Industrial Company always regards product quality as its lifeline,  carries out high-standard quality control from the design stage, and formulates strict technical standards for each specific process. Firstly, talent should be brought into the enterprise strategy. The precipitation of technology can not be separated from the precipitation of talent. The company has constructed a stable talent structure in the organizational structure of its enterprise. It integrates the high stability and reliability of its products into the strategy of talents.

Case of CNC Machine Tool Project Case of CNC Machine Tool Project

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