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Industrial Touch Panel PC Provides Precise Control For Laser Cleaning Equipment

Touch Think 17" industrial touch panel PC is used as the central control part for the laser cleaning machine, offering reliable touch control and display function during the continuous laser cleaning process.


Laser cleaning equipment is an important display of laser application. It is commonly used for cleaning various materials. It has the characteristics of non-grinding, non-contact, and no thermal effect. Unlike laser cutting, "cleaning" requires effort on the surface. Accuracy is very important. If there is a small deviation, it can not be well-cleaned, or it may damage the substrate. This is very important for the beam control of laser cleaning equipment, including high requirements in terms of the size, thickness, and three-dimensional position control during operation, which is related to the selection of central control part. The application of Touch Think in laser cleaning equipment is reflected in the central control part.

Industrial Touch Panel PC Provides Precise Control For Laser Cleaning Equipment

Application Background

There are many traditional cleaning methods, such as chemical cleaning, mechanical grinding, dry ice cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, etc. However, these cleaning methods have more or less corresponding disadvantages, such as chemical pollution, low cleaning efficiency, uncontrollable cleaning effect, and substrate wear and tear. So people are hoping for convenient, environmentally friendly, more efficient, and more stable cleaning methods.

Laser cleaning equipment is considered to be the most reliable and effective material cleaning equipment at present, which is not only reflected in the convenience and accuracy of cleaning, but also in the low degree of manual participation in the cleaning process, which can be realized only through the central control setting.

The industrial all-in-one touch screen panel PC plays an important role in laser cleaning equipment. And the cleaning equipment also has requirements for the industrial panel PC. Firstly, precise control of laser size, thickness, and three-dimensional position during operation is the core requirement of the panel PC; Secondly, under the control of the industrial panel PC, the laser cleaning machine can complete rust removal, paint removal, oil removal, cultural relic restoration, degumming, coating removal, etc; Thirdly, the operating system of the panel PC should be stable, and won't affect the cleaning process. In addition, the touch panel PC can deal with sudden power failure and adapt to the dust environment.

Industrial Touch Panel PC Provides Precise Control For Laser Cleaning Equipment

Touch Think Industrial Panel PC Features

In the customer's solution, Touch Think 2nd-GEN 17" industrial touch panel PC is selected as the central control part for the laser cleaning machine, equipped with Core I5 processor 4G DDR 128G SSD, which can meet the functional requirements of laser cleaning equipment, and finish the cleaning work with high efficiency and quality.

The true-flat seamless front panel, dustproof and waterproof up to IP65-rated; Offering embedded installation mode, so as to perfectly embedded in the laser cleaning equipment, effectively deal with the flying debris and dust generated during the laser cleaning process, this harsh environment won't affect the operation, but also prolong the service life of the panel PC.

Meeting the industrial application and environmental standards, anti-vibration structure, and layout inside of the panel PC, which can well deal with the vibration generated during the cleaning process, protect the fuselage while maintaining its normal operation.

Adopting industrial-grade mainboard, low power consumption, supporting 7x24 hours uninterrupted work, meeting the needs of long-time cleaning.

Support plug-and-play, remote wake-up, automatic reset function, which are in line with the development trend of industrial production automation integration, well dealing with the sudden situation caused by power failure.

Solution Benefits

For the laser cleaning machines, equipped with Touch Think industrial all in one panel PC and integrated automatic cleaning mode, compared with the traditional cleaning methods, laser cleaning has higher efficiency, faster response, and more environmental protection, and can well deal with the material cleaning problems during the industrial production process, and greatly improve the cleaning effect and cleaning precision. 

In terms of performance and design, Touch Think industrial panel PC supports the continuous operation of laser cleaning and fully takes into consideration that the dust problems and environmental impact that will be encountered during the operation, so as to ensure reliable operation.


Under the background of the new era, more and more material cleaning is needed in the field of industrial production. Laser cleaning has been widely used in aviation, ships, cultural relic restoration, automobile peripheral, rubber mold, and other fields. Selecting the matching central touch control equipment is an effective means to promote the increase of efficiency. The reliable performance and quality of industrial panel PC can guarantee the cleaning needs and efficiently cooperate with industrial production.

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