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Industrial Touch Displays Used In High-End CNC Machine Tools

CNC machine tools are machinery for manufacturing machines, mainly including lathes, milling machines, planers, drilling machines, boring machines, grinders, gear-making machines, etc. It is automated equipment equipped with a program control system that can better solve complex, precise, small-batch, multi-variety parts processing problems.


As the cornerstone of the whole industrial system, high-end CNC machine tools are at the core of the industrial chain, which determines the industrial development level and comprehensive competitiveness of a country. The prospective industry research institute predicts that the scale of China's machine tool market will continue to grow in the next few years. By 2026, the scale of China's CNC machine tool market may exceed 500 billion yuan, and the market prospect is broad.


The development of high-end NC machine tools reflects the upgrading of full automation and intelligence in the manufacturing industry, in which the application of NC technology is a key link. This technology uses the computer to execute the movement track of the equipment and the operation sequence logic control function of peripherals according to the pre-stored control program.


The numerical control device composed of a hardware logic circuit is replaced by the computer, so that the storage, processing, operation, logic judgment, and other control functions of input operation instructions can be realized by the computer software. The microinstructions generated by processing are transmitted to the servo drive device to drive the motor or hydraulic actuator to drive the equipment. It is used to input the digital part program, complete the storage of input information, data transformation, interpolation operation and realize various control functions.

 Industrial Touch Displays Used In High-End CNC Machine Tools

With the use of the computer, the numerical control system has become more and more software-based, and PLC is used to replace the traditional electrical logic control device of the machine tool, which makes the system smaller, more flexible, universal and reliable, easy to realize complex numerical control functions, and easy to use and maintain, and has the function of Network connection and remote communication.


The mainstream CNC systems in the market include the FANUC CNC system, Siemens CNC system, Mitsubishi CNC system, etc. different CNC system software forms are different, and their composition and structure have their own characteristics.

 Industrial Touch Displays Used In High-End CNC Machine Tools

Touch Think has been focusing on providing intelligent touch display solutions for the field of intelligent manufacturing. With its core technology and R & D strength, our products are widely used in the CNC machine tool industry. From metal cutting CNC machine tools, metal bending CNC machine tools to high-end special machining center machine tools, we help upgrade the technology of CNC machine tools step by step.


In many applications of CNC machine tools, the main advantage of Touch Think touch display equipment is its high compatibility with the CNC system. Besides, Touch Think industrial displays and panel PCs have the high adaptability of matching in different application environments. And also supports customize exclusive equipment according to clients' special needs.

 Industrial Touch Displays Used In High-End CNC Machine Tools

In practical application, the Touch Think industrial touch displays and industrial panel PCs have the following highlights designs.


High performance and stability, meet the needs of precision and flexibility of CNC machine tools and ensure the 24/7 long-term operation of the CNC system.


For the cluster application of automatic electrical equipment, the electromagnetic interference is strong, but the Touch Think industrial monitors and panel PCs have passed EMI / EMC anti-interference test.


Keeping stable operation in high and low-temperature environments, from -10 ℃ to +60 ℃ temperature difference environment, to deal with the heat generated by the machine tools.


Silent fanless design for heat dissipation, no vibration, no impact on the production of millimeter workpieces.

 Industrial Touch Displays Used In High-End CNC Machine Tools

CNC machine tools are the basis for the development of intelligent manufacturing. As an important part of CNC machine tools, the application of touch displays and panel PCs also needs to represent the advanced level of manufacturing. Terminal equipment manufacturers are welcome to inquiry for consultation and cooperation.

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