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Industrial Computer Promotes Manufacturing Production Line Updating & Transformation

With the rapid development of the Internet of things, artificial intelligence, Cloud computing, mobile Internet, Big Data and other technologies, China's industrial system is gradually changing from labor-intensive to technology-intensive. More and more manufacturing enterprises are gradually transforming into digital, automatic, and intelligent ones, which also greatly drives the market demand for intelligent equipment.

 industrial tablet PC for harsh environments

5G empowers the transformation and intelligent upgrading of the traditional manufacturing industry

With the development of 5G technology, due to its advantages of high bandwidth, low time-delay, high reliability, and large area connection, the intelligent goals in industrial fields such as unmanned crane, production line automation, logistics systematization and transmission line integration will be realized, which will not only greatly improve the production efficiency of the production line, but also greatly accelerate the whole process of intelligent manufacturing.


Some professionals once said: "The future is the future of wisdom/intelligence. Due to the enabling of new technology, traditional equipment manufacturing became intelligent. The digital and intelligent management make the intelligent factory plant, intelligent production line, intelligent product, and people's thoughts interconnected, make the intelligent manufacturing perceive human nature and satisfy human nature, adapt to human nature and shape human nature at the same time."


It can be predicted that intelligence is becoming the main theme of the domestic manufacturing industry. With 5G's strong driving force, intelligent manufacturing will bring new changes to the whole industry.

 industrial computer for industrial sites

Touch Think production line upgrading and transformation project solution:

In the intelligent manufacturing system, workshop manufacturing, manufacturing execution system (MES), field visualization, industrial data collection, production management and other production links with intelligence as the core have a huge demand for intelligent equipment. Among them, in the workshop manufacturing, the intelligent production line is the primary transformation of the intelligent enabling industry, and the touch & control display equipment, as one of the main intelligent categories, is the control center of the whole production line and the production data storage center.

As a top leading manufacturer focusing on industrial intelligent automatic touch display equipment, Touch Think has been deeply involved in the industrial field for many years and accumulated rich application experience. In the application of the intelligent production line, according to the application experience, the user's selection requirements for touch display equipment are also improved in the process of production line upgrading or transformation.

Take one of our clients' application of intelligent production line upgrading project as an example, let's see the specific performance requirements in this case.

 industrial computer with IP65 protection

1) Application Product: Touch Think 4th-GEN industrial all-in-one Tablet PC with Android system.


2) Product Features:

1. The tablet is produced with rugged industrial-grade quality and true flat front panel reaches IP65-rating dust-proof and waterproof performance. The thin front panel embedded industrial cabinet is installed seamlessly, the structure is sturdy and durable, and with fire-proof, explosion-proof and dust-proof protection performance in industrial environments.

2. Adopt the ten-point capacitive touch screen technology, which has the characteristics of high accuracy and sensitivity. Its anti-interference performance reaches the EMC / EMI standard and adapts to the industrial application scenarios with strong electromagnetic interference.


3. This industrial tablet is built-in Android operating system, offers SDK software development kit, compatible with the MES system software of production line.


4.  For the configuration, it adopts RK3288 Cortex-A17 quad-core 64-bit CPU with the main frequency up to 1.8GHz, stronger performance, more outstanding stability, higher cost performance and smoother operation than old version. This industrial tablet also meets the requirements of 7 * 24h long-term uninterrupted operation on the manufacturing line.    


5. Support automatic resetting function, automatically restart the device in case of self-diagnosis fault and support the fault early warning to avoid the production line shutdown caused by system/equipment accident and irreparable loss.

6. According to different using scenarios in the factory production line, this tablet offers multiple installation methods: embedded, VESA, desktop, panel mount, and open frame, etc.


7. The interface configuration is abundant, including USB, WiFi, COM, Gigabit Network card RJ45, etc. Offering interface customization services, to meet the requirements of the external card reader, scan gun, alarm light, printer, and other peripheral equipment in the manufacturing process.

8. High protection level for anti-surge, even if the instantaneous industrial voltage rises to 280V, the tablet and adapter can still operate normally.


9. Anti-static (4KV-8KV) meets the industrial standard and can be customized to 5KV-15KV. The higher the anti-static level is, the lower the failure rate of the tablet PC can be greatly reduced.


10. The industrial computer working temperature is - 10 ℃ to + 60 ℃, support customized - 30 ℃  to + 80 ℃, it provides stable performance in the application of the high-temperature process on the production line.


11. It is compatible with RoHS environmental protection standards, the peak power consumption of operation is ≤ 30W, and this advantage of low power consumption helps enterprises save power cost.


3) Application Advantages:

In the upgrading and transformation of the intelligent production line, this Touch Think 4th-GEN industrial Android all-in-one tablet PC with reliable performance not only has a clearer display picture but also has more stable performance and faster response speed. Through the function of the all-in-one industrial computer to display and collect production data, the manager of the production line can view real-time production data at any time and anywhere, improving production efficiency, as well as an early warning of faults to avoid the loss caused by sudden failure and help enterprises achieve the ultimate goal of comprehensive intelligent management of production line!

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