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Embedded All-in-one Panel PC For Fiber Laser Cutting Machines



The emergence of laser cutting technology meets the industrial upgrading requirements marked by "intelligent manufacturing and flexible manufacturing" in the era of Industry 4.0. Laser-cutting equipment quickly paves the way with the advantages of high precision, high efficiency, and refined technology that traditional equipment cannot match. It has become an important productivity tool for intelligent transformation and upgrading of manufacturing enterprises.


With the continuous optimization of factors such as industrial upgrading, new material development, and technological iteration, laser processing equipment will drive more incremental market applications and enter a stage of rapid growth.


Industry Application Requirements


A fiber laser cutting machine is a kind of laser cutting equipment with the best comprehensive performance at the present stage. Its working principle is to use a fiber laser generator to output a high-energy-density laser beam to process and engrave metal products. The fiber laser cutting machine overcomes the problems of low efficiency, large size, and high maintenance cost of other laser equipment, and has been put into a wide range of industrial applications.


During the industrial use of fiber laser cutting machines, strict requirements are placed on the operational functionality and environmental adaptability of their components.


1. The operation of the CNC mechanical system of the fiber laser cutting machine requires a centralized interactive window to realize the convenient application and operation of the state monitoring of the machine equipment, engraving, and cutting parameter presets, cutting graphics, and path formulation, trajectory modification, etc., to achieve high efficiency, High-quality visual transformation application.


2. The laser cutting process is often accompanied by additional environmental problems such as dust, iron filings, strong vibration, and oil stains. This harsh application environment is a challenge for the cutting machine's system hardware's comprehensive performance. Good adaptability to the industrial environment is an important factor to maintain the stable operation of equipment.


Based on the above requirements, choosing a high-performance and reliable industrial-grade touch all-in-one panel PC plays a vital role in the operation of laser cutting machines.


Touch Think Product Solutions


Touch Think provides the best adaptation solution in terms of panel PC for the application of fiber laser cutting machines. In actual projects, the following application advantages can be realized.


Intelligent Control

Touch Think's industrial all-in-one panel PC is equipped with a highly intelligent control board and powerful hardware performance. With a powerful computing capability, it can run various commands smoothly to realize mechanical operations such as laser engraving program presets and motion control. It supports a variety of application solutions and different motherboard configuration options to meet a variety of requirements.


Software Interaction

Touch Think's industrial panel PC can run multiple operating systems such as Windows/Android/Linux/Ubuntu, supports system customization and software development, and customers can easily create personalized human-machine interfaces. Its system has high compatibility, and a series of operations such as design, nesting, programming, and calibration can be realized by combining with the professional control software of laser cutting equipment, thus the utilization efficiency of equipment can be improved.


HD Display

The display panel of the Touch Think's all-in-one touch PC adopts a high-standard industrial-grade LCD screen and presents true colors and clear images for users. With a variety of sizes ranging from 7'' to 23.8'' for optional, the flat front panel meets IP65-rated dustproof and waterproof protection standards. rugged, and wear-resistant, which can effectively avoid possible wear and tear on the screen caused by fine metal debris during laser cutting.


Easy of Use

Touch Think industrial all-in-one PCs support resistive touch screens and 10-point capacitive touch screens, providing a smooth, precise, and responsive touch experience. In industrial environments, it supports touch with gloves. These touch panel PCs are equipped with abundant and flexible I/O interfaces that can expand peripherals such as a mouse and keyboard, making the control method extremely convenient and free.


Industrial Protection

These all-in-one panel PCs are made of aluminum alloy housing, which is strong, corrosion-resistant, and impact-resistant. And they feature military-grade components, which effectively meet complex and harsh industrial environments such as heavy dust, iron filings, strong vibration, and oily dirt. Besides, these industrial panel PCs are engineered compatible with ESD antistatic, and EMI/EMC anti-interference standards, can avoid interference caused by the internal motor, servo, and laser generator of the laser cutting machine, ensure stable operation of the panel PCs, and reduce maintenance costs.


Touch Think's Empowerment


The optical fiber laser cutting machine is one of the fields that Touch Think's industrial monitor and panel PC solutions employed perfectly. The industrial all-in-one panel PC, as an intuitive interactive application for the conversion of traditional hardware machines to intelligent equipment, plays an active role in all walks of life.


About Touch Think

Touch Think has been deeply involved in the touch display equipment industry for 11 years, insisting on self-developing and technological innovation. Its products cover multiple dimensions such as industrial all-in-one PCs, industrial LCD displays, industrial motherboards, and face recognition terminals, and its applications include smart manufacturing, smart cities, smart medical & healthcare, and artificial intelligence. It is committed to promoting the intelligent upgrading and transformation of the global manufacturing industry and building a new ecology of intelligent IoT.

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