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Application of Industrial Tablet Computer in Industrial Production

Jan. 22, 2024

With the gradual development of computer hardware and software technology, computer operation control system is gradually entering various fields of industrial production. In recent years, various large and medium-sized enterprises have gradually integrated the control technology of industrial tablet computers into the production process to realize the detection, control, optimization and scheduling in the production process, greatly improving production efficiency and ensuring product quality. On the other hand, the close combination of automatic control theory and computer information science has brought new technological innovation to industrial production process.


However, the industrial production environment is generally harsh condition, there are high voltage, strong magnetic field, dust, noise and so on, which requires industrial tablet PCs used in industrial production to have better performance, better stability and better anti-electromagnetic interference ability.

 Application of Industrial Tablet Computer in Industrial Production

Industrial tablet PCs are designed according to the characteristics and requirements of industrial production. They are used in industrial production to achieve various control purposes, production processes and scheduling management automation, so as to achieve the goal of high quality, real-time, high efficiency, low consumption, safety and reliability, reduce labor intensity and improve the working environment. It is mainly used in industrial process measurement, control, data acquisition and other work.


The design and development of Touch Think industrial tablet computers, using low-power multi-core processors, aluminum alloy die-casting, drawing panel seamless design, they are compliance with IP65 rated dust-proof and waterproof. Rich I/O interfaces, support interfaces expansion. Support multi-point capacitive touch and five-wire resistive touch. It also has a special display screen for outdoor use, which can automatically adjust the brightness of the screen according to the ambient light. It has the characteristics of low power consumption, high integration and good stability.


Industrial tablet PCs are suitable for various industries. They can be applied to various industrial production workshops, electrical control, logistics transportation and so on by changing different software, operating control systems according to certain operation and control principles, through the Internet and the control of software and hardware. Among them, industrial tablet computer is an important part of the whole operation and control system, and also the core of the whole system.


In the future, continuous optimization of product design will provide better industrial tablet computers for various industries to achieve production automation.

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