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What causes the touch display switch to fail?

Jul. 22, 2019

Since Industrial 4.0 Intelligent Manufacturing was put forward, touch display has been used more and more widely in industry, and there will be some faults in the process of using touch display, such as switch failure, then what causes display switch failure? Let's talk about it.


Touch Display Switch Failure

There are four common reasons for the failure of touch display switches:

1. Touch display switch keys have not been operated for a long time, and their internal contacts are oxidized, resulting in excessive contact resistance.

2. Touch display switch has bad contact caused by solder joint de-soldering or loose connection or connector.

3. The touch display keys are dirty inside or on the keyboard, and there is a leakage point.

4. The control program inside the touch display is wrong.

What should we do when the touch display switch fails? It is suggested that you should try to press the failed switch button repeatedly (pay attention not to exert too much), so that the switch contacts act frequently, to promote oxide wear, improve contact. If it is still not working, you need to ask a professional stuff to solve it. In addition, touch displays also need to be calibrated. There are two specific situations that need to be calibrated:


When the resolution of industrial touch display is changed or replaced, it needs to be calibrated. Different brands and models of display have obvious differences in size, corresponding to different optimal resolutions. When the resolution is changed, the display image will be stretched horizontally or vertically, so that the touch screen coordinates do not correspond to the program coordinates, which requires calibration. (2) The relative position of the touch screen and the display does not change when the host computer is replaced. However, after replacing the host computer, the coordinates corresponding to the corresponding program can not be guaranteed to be consistent with the original host computer. In this case, the touch display also needs to be calibrated.


All above content is about the causes analysis and solution of the failure of touch display switch, as well as the calibration problem. Through these contents, you should know more about touch display. More details are welcome to consult Touch Think.


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