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Is It Better to Choose a Resistive Screen or a Capacitive Screen For Industrial Displays?

May. 10, 2021

What are resistive screens and capacitive screens? I believe that many customers don’t know, they only know that the screens of Industrial Displays are only touched or not, but they didn’t think of the way of touching. Use a mobile phone to give a simple example to distinguish these two touch methods.

Resistive Touch Screen

Resistive Touch Screen Display

(1) Resistive screens will always bring a stylus pen because its operation is done by "points". If there is no stylus pen, we can use nails to operate the screen.

(2) The capacitive screen is operated by touching the "face" of the screen with a finger, so the sensitivity is better than that of the resistive screen, and it also supports multi-touch.

After understanding the difference between resistive screen and capacitive screen, how do we choose when buying industrial displays? From the mainstream industrial display touch method, most of the Industrial Display Suppliers on the market use the resistive touch method by default. Its cost is lower than that of a capacitive screen, but it is better to adapt to the environment than a capacitive screen. Resistive screens have almost no requirements on the external environment and can work under any conditions; while capacitive screens are relatively "squeaky" and have relatively strict restrictions on voltage, temperature, and humidity.

What are the advantages of capacitive screens? Capacitive screens are made of single-layer thickened tempered glass, which has high hardness, durability, and long service life. It is sensitive to touch and supports multi-touch.

Both the Resistive Touch Screen and the capacitive touch screen have pros and cons. As for whether the industrial display to be purchased is a good capacitive screen or a resistive screen, you still have to make your own choice.

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