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Attention For Building Your Customized Industrial Panel Computer

Jan. 21, 2022

An industrial panel computer is a product that integrates a touch screen, an industrial monitor, and a host. Users can operate the device by touching the screen of the industrial panel PC. It is the medium between the user and the device, and the interface between the user and the device to communicate, transmit, input, and receive information. With the development of information technology, the application industry of industrial panel computers is more and more extensive.


Attention For Building Your Customized Industrial Panel ComputerEach industry has its own features and requests, and it is difficult to standardize industrial panel PCs in the era of Industry 4.0. Customization has become a major trend in the development of the industrial panel computer industry. So what should be paid attention to in the customization of industrial panel PCs? This article is going to list some suggestions for building a customized industrial panel computer.


For customing a perfect industrial panel PC, you had better pay attention to the following aspects.


1. Operating system: The industrial panel computer should adapt to some mainstreaming systems, including Windows, Android, and Linux systems. In addition, according to different application requirements, the panel PC should support a custom operating system to achieve the perfect combination with the software.


2. Working temperature: In different industries, industrial panel computers face different working temperatures, which requires industrial panel PCs to work normally at wide temperature conditions. Normal operating temperature ranges from -10° to +60°C, but some customized panel PCs can meet wider ranges such as -30 to 80°C.


3. Touch screen performance: The operation of the industrial panel computer is done by touch, so the touch sensitivity of the industrial tablet computer is very important. Lagging, broken touches, etc. are all bad performances. The smooth touch experience can greatly save operation time.


4. Durability: Industrial panel computers have a long working cycle, which means they must be engineered with highly reliable raw materials and components, with high wear resistance and flexibility, and slow aging speed.


5. Display requirements: In the indoor environment, if the display brightness is 250~300cd/㎡, it is readable, if it is used in outdoor environments, normally it needs 500~1000 cd/㎡. When customizing an industrial panel PC, it should be designed according to the brightness requirements, which not only makes the operating experience more comfortable but also saves more power.


6. Appearance and size: Industrial panel computers are usually embedded in the surface of other equipment, so the installation size of the whole panel PC should be considered.


7. Protection level: Industrial panel PCs are mainly used in complex and harsh operating environments. It is required to be waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof, and the protection level of the whole panel computer should reach at least IP65 or above.


8. Hardware configuration: Compared with commercial panel computers, industrial panel computers have higher stability. Based on the latest CPU technology, enabling users to experience better CPU computing/image performance and lower power consumption. Besides, it requires a scientific design in terms of heat-dissipation, interfaces, and supports connect to peripherals.


The functional parameters of the industrial panel computer are related to stability and reliability. When considering customization, the product design must be made according to the project and specific working environment requirements, so as to ensure the stable and efficient operation of the industrial panel computer.

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