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Care Guide For Touch Screen Tablets

Sep. 17, 2019

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For the owner of  the tablet, the daily maintenance of the tablet is also very important. It is  especially important to use the tablet correctly and make the daily maintenance  of each component.

Touch Screen Panel PC

                                                                                                                                                        Touch Screen Panel PC

1.Tthe  maintenance of the display

Once the screen  of Touch Screen Panel PC is destroyed, it needs to be replaced again,  and the price is relatively expensive. The maintenance of the secondary display  is particularly important.

(1) Do not touch  the surface of the screen with sharp objects or hard objects to avoid  scratching. Protect the screen by applying a protective film.

(2) When the  computer is not used for a long time, you can temporarily turn off the power of  the LCD screen through the function keys to extend the life of the  screen.

(3) Do not wipe  the screen with a chemical cleaner. It is recommended to buy a special wiper for  the LCD screen to clean your screen.

(4) Do not use  your fingers to remove fingerprints, and please wipe gently.

2.Battery maintenance

There are many  claims about battery maintenance on tablets. The following tips for curing these  batteries will help you develop good charging habits.

(1) Do not  charge the battery for too long, if the charging timeout will reduce the battery  life.

(2) When there  is no external power supply, if the external working equipment is temporarily  unavailable, it is recommended to remove the external equipment to extend the  battery life.

(3) It is  recommended to perform battery power calibration on average three  months.

(4) When using  the tablet in a stable voltage environment, when the battery power is full, the  charging circuit in the battery will be automatically turned off, and there will  be no overcharging. If it is full, do not play the phone while  charging.

3.Other aspects  of maintenance considerations

(1) Heat  dissipation

Do not place the  tablet on a soft item, such as a bed or a sofa. This will block the cooling  holes and affect the heat dissipation effect, resulting in reduced performance  and even crashes.

(2)  Anti-moisture

Tablet PCs are  not suitable for long-term placement in damp places. When they are exposed to  moisture for a long time, they will run slowly and the tablet will be  scrapped.

(3) Body  cleaning

When the body is  accumulating more dust, you can use a soft small brush to clean the gap, or use  a palm-type vacuum cleaner to clean the dust in the gap.

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