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Common Methods Of Industrial Display Maintenance

Dec. 18, 2019

We often don’t know how to solve industrial display problems, because we don’t know the principle of industrial displays and the maintenance methods and processes. Many people think that the industrial display is a relatively complicated instrument, especially when there is a problem, everyone may not be able to get started. Today, the Industrial Panel PC supplier will explain the common methods of industrial display repair.

1. Current measurement method

Measuring current is one of the basic methods for repairing industrial displays. It is mainly used to measure the load current and working current of transistors and integrated circuit blocks, so as to detect whether the integrated circuit, transistor and its power supply load are normal, etc. As long as the measured load current of the transistor or integrated circuit is normal, it can be concluded that the working state of the circuit is basically normal. On the contrary, if the current changes greatly compared with the normal value, it means that the circuit has a problem, and it can be checked according to the prescription.

2. Voltage measurement method

Measuring voltage is also one of the basic methods for repairing displays, and is often used in practice. It mainly measures the working voltage of circuits and components to judge the faulty parts and components. Voltage measurement can be divided into two types: AC voltage measurement and DC voltage measurement. Measuring AC voltage is to use the AC voltage block of a multimeter to measure the AC voltage value of the display power supply.

3. Resistance measurement method

Measuring resistance is also one of the basic methods of repairing a display. It is mainly divided into two types of measurement: one is to measure the resistance value of the display circuit and components to ground, and the other is to measure the resistance value of the component itself. By measuring the resistance to ground at the output of the circuit, you can determine whether the load on the circuit is normal. When the specific part of the failure cannot be clearly identified, the transistor or integrated circuit block can be removed, and the forward and reverse resistance values between the pins of the transistor and the forward and reverse resistance values between the pins of the integrated circuit block and the ground pin can be measured. It can be roughly judged whether the transistor or the integrated circuit block is good or bad.

4. Observation

As the name suggests, it is to directly observe whether the Industrial Monitor components are burned, damaged, deformed, discolored, broken, and the tube filament is on or not after the current is turned on. These problems are often the fault or closely related to the fault. Quickly identify problems and repair industrial displays.

5. Percussion

This is also one of the most effective ways to repair the display, especially for faults caused by false soldering and poor contact. The method is: using an insulator, such as a wooden stick, with or without power, gently tapping and pressing on the part that may have a problem, you can easily find faults such as false welding and poor contact.

6. Touch the temperature method

Just by touching the temperature of the suspected component directly with your hand, you can quickly determine the problem. This method is mainly used to check problems such as electrolytic capacitors, transformers, transistors, etc., and find problems based on abnormal changes in temperature and temperature rise. Remember that this method must be performed in the case of power failure, be careful not to burn yourself.

7. Cold and hot method

This is a very effective method, especially for some components with poor thermal stability and some severe heating, this method is more effective. When an abnormal temperature rise of a component is found, pure alcohol can be dipped on a cotton ball and applied to the surface of the component to cool it quickly. Its principle is the same as the water cooling method in hardware overclocking. Turn on the machine after cooling down. If it is found that the failure has been significantly reduced or disappeared, you can preliminarily judge that the component has failed thermally or has problems, and you can replace it.

The above is the industrial monitor maintenance method introduced by the Embedded Monitor supplier. I hope it can help everyone.

Common Methods Of Industrial Display Maintenance

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