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Difference Between A Brightness Monitor And A Normal Monitor

Aug. 10, 2021

Difference Between A Brightness Monitor And A Normal MonitorA high brightness monitor, also known as a sunlight readable monitor, is designed to operate in outdoor bright environments.

Compared with normal monitors, the industrial high brightness monitors have the following features:


1. High Brightness

Compared with TV and computers' LCD screens, high-brightness LCD screens have higher brightness. The brightness of a TV or PC LCD screen is generally only 250~300cd/m2, while the brightness of a high-brightness LCD screen can reach 700cd/m2 or more.


2. High Contrast

The contrast ratio of the high-brightness LCD screen is 1200:1, or even as high as 10000:1, which is more than twice that of traditional PC or TV LCD screens.


3. High Reliability and Performance

Ordinary LCD screens are designed for TVs and commercial PC monitors and usually do not support 7*24 hours continuous day and night use. The high-brightness LCD screen monitors are engineered with industrial-grade quality and performance and support 7x24 hours long-time continuous use.


4. Presenting Uniform Brightness, Stable Image Without Flashing

Due to each point of the liquid crystal display will maintain the color and brightness after receiving the signal, there is no need to constantly refresh the pixels like a cathode ray tube. Therefore, the LCD monitor has uniform brightness, high image quality, and absolutely no flicker.


5. Longer Span Life

The span life of the ordinary LCD screen backlight used in PCs and TVs is 1-3 million hours, while the backlight service life of the DID LCD screen can reach more than 60,000-10 million hours, which ensures that each LCD screen can be used for a long time. The consistency of rear brightness, contrast, and chroma ensure that the span life of the monitor is not less than 60,000 hours.


Touch Think is specially designed and produced high-brightness industrial displays for outdoor environment applications.


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