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The Difference Between Touch Screen, Industrial Computer, Industrial Tablet

Mar. 04, 2020

Today, the Industrial Touchscreen Monitor Manufacturer introduces the differences between touch screen, industrial computer and industrial tablet.

1.Touch screen

Touch screens are “touch screens” and “touch panels”. They are inductive liquid crystal display devices that can receive input signals such as contacts. They are usually combined with liquid crystal displays to form touch display devices. When the graphic button on the screen is touched, the haptic feedback system on the screen drives various connection devices according to a pre-programmed program, and then uses the liquid crystal display to produce audio-visual effects. Mainly used in information query terminal, multimedia teaching, industrial control and other fields. It has the advantages of fast response speed, space saving and easy communication.

2.Industrial computer

Ordinary industrial computer usually consists of a passive backplane and industrial CPU card, expansion card and power supply, or a large motherboard and power supply, and even storage units such as optical drives and floppy drives, which have the characteristics of multi-card expansion. The large size and high energy consumption are also obvious shortcomings of ordinary industrial computers. Due to the upgrading of application solutions, such as multi-function PLCs, various modules and switches, instead of traditional capture cards, bus multi-port cards, etc., the need for multi-card expansion is not so strong, and embedded industrial control computers . Compared with traditional industrial computers, embedded industrial computers provide higher reliability and are more suitable for industrial complex and demanding field environments. They are suitable for application systems that have strict requirements on functions, reliability, cost, size and power consumption. , Has become a major development trend in the industrial computer industry.

Industrial Tablet PC

Industrial Tablet PC

3. Industrial Tablet PC

Industrial Tablet PC is an industrial control computer with a display screen. It is an interface for users to communicate, communicate, input and receive information with the machine. It is widely used in communication, self-service terminals, power, industrial automation, smart factories and other fields. It has the characteristics of ruggedness, vibration resistance, wide temperature, multi-slot and strong expandability. It is the best solution for human-machine interface. Compared with touch screens and industrial computers, industrial tablet computers have the following characteristics:

(1)The industrial tablet computer integrates the host, LCD display, and touch screen into one. It has both rugged characteristics and high-performance computing capabilities, which can effectively optimize productivity and production quality.

(2)The industrial tablet PC adopts a fanless design and uses a large set area fin-shaped aluminum block for heat dissipation, low power consumption and low noise.

(3)The front panel is mostly made of aluminum-magnesium alloy die-casting, which can reach IP65 protection level and is durable.

(4)Industrial tablet PCs are mostly industry-specific specifications, not standardized products, so there are compatibility issues between systems. At the same time, the product must meet the customer's special requirements for the working environment, such as temperature, waterproofness, and uninterruptible power system requirements. Therefore, the manufacturer must have considerable R & D, production, testing, marketing and system integration capabilities.

(5)Simple installation and maintenance.

The above is the difference between the touch screen, industrial computer and industrial tablet introduced by Embedded Panel PC Supplier.

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