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Industrial Display Selection Method

Nov. 09, 2019

Industrial Display Selection MethodAs the name suggests, industrial displays are specifically designed for use in industrial conditions under liquid crystal display devices, with a variety of display sizes, mounting methods, and the like. Different from ordinary LCD monitors, it can adapt to extreme environments, stable operation and long service life. Therefore, it should be more rugged and durable than ordinary displays. For this reason, everyone needs to pay attention to many details when choosing an industrial display. The following flat panel display factory will introduce you how to choose an industrial display with excellent performance.

1. Select according to the installation method.

At present, the industrial display equipment provided by reliable industrial display manufacturers has many different installation methods such as shelf display, flip-chip display, embedded monitor, open display and module, so everyone should be based on the place of use. The conditions and circumstances allowed by the installation are chosen. In general, the rack-mounted industrial display is used in equipment such as industrial control cabinets and chassis, and the chassis is generally in U units. The flip-chip industrial display is flipped from the back of the cabinet, and only the liquid crystal display area is displayed at the front of the cabinet. The embedded industrial display is embedded directly from the front of the cabinet and secured with hooks on the side.

2. Select according to the size of the display.

Since industrial displays are available in a variety of different sizes, the larger the size of the display, the more space is required for installation. Therefore, when purchasing, first measure the space that can be installed, and then select the most suitable one according to the specific size. Industrial liquid crystal displays can be customized to manufacturers if they are not matched in conventional sizes.

3. Select according to the display panel material.

Industrial display usually use magnesium-aluminum alloy, cold-rolled steel, electro-galvanized, stainless steel, hot-dip galvanized and die-cast aluminum as the panel structure. Each panel structure has its own characteristics and can be applied. The environment, everyone to buy must fully consider the panel mechanism materials.

In order to purchase the industrial display that is most suitable for the enterprise environment, it is necessary to fully understand the indicators of the use environment before purchasing, including the place and space to be installed, and then select the industry that best matches the actual needs. The display, in order to ensure that it can be installed and used smoothly after being bought back.

The above is how to choose an industrial display. Have you learned it? If you are interested in industrial displays, you can contact us. We are a professional manufacturer of industrial computers. We have won the support and trust of our customers since its establishment. We will continue to be guided by high guidance, and better brands will raise China's automation construction to a new level, and establish industrial intelligence to display national brands! In the future, Touch Think Intelligence will continue to uphold the expertise of technology research and solutions to provide the community with higher quality industrial equipment for most companies. And take advantage of the power and influence of Touch Think Intelligence to lead the industrial equipment industry to create greater glories! We can provide professional, intelligent and customized design services according to customer requirements. We can design and develop industrial display equipment, industrial tablet computers, embedded computers, industrial control boards and other industrial intelligent automation, which will surely meet your needs. Welcome you.

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