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Common Industrial Computer Faults and How to Solve Them

Jun. 29, 2020

● After startup, the motherboard can work normally. BIOS detects the keyboard part but reports keyboard error. 

First of all, check whether the keyboard lock is locked and release the keyboard lock. If not, check the connection between the motherboard and the back panel, and whether the keyboard and mouse are connected correctly.


● After startup, other parts work normally, but the disk reading lamp of the floppy drive is always on, but the floppy disk drive cannot be used. 

It caused by a reversed connection of the floppy drive data line.


● When using 7162 motherboards, the mouse and keyboard can not be used. 

Check the data transmission cable to see if it is dedicated to 7162. If not, please connect the keyboard and mouse in reverse.


● The industrial computer can be started before installing the hard disk, but it can't be started after installing the hard disk

Please check whether the data cable of the hard disk is connected reversely.


● After power on, the power indicator on the back panel goes out when it's on, then it is unable to power on. 

First of all, check whether there are screws and other things on the inner of the PC, which leads to a short circuit. Secondly, check whether the power cord is connected reversely, resulting in a short circuit to ground. Again, use the replacement method to replace the power supply to see whether the power supply correctly, replace the baseboard to see whether is the problems of the baseboard.


● After the IPC is powered on, the power supply works normally, but there is no reflection on the mainboard. 

First of all, remove the peripheral card and the connected device to see if it can be started? If not, you can remove the memory to see whether the alarm works? Then check whether the CPU works normally. Finally, replace the mainboard and check whether it is normal.

● After power on, the PC is not started yet, but you hear the continuous alarm sound. 

According to the alarm sound, it can be determined that it is a memory problem. Open the machine to see if the memory contacts well, or replace the memory socket for testing. Finally, replace the memory to see if there is a memory problem.


● When installing the operating system, and loading the sound card driver, the system crashes. 

First of all, it caused by using the wrong types of sound cards, please use the right sound card and try again. Secondly, the selected sound card conflicts with other parts (including Network card, video card, and motherboard).


● After loading the sound card drivers, the running speed becomes slow or the sound is too low. 

Generally, it caused by the conflicts between the sound card and motherboard.


● After installing the video card and the driver correctly, there is no image or color display. 

Generally, the default format of the video card is "ntfc", which needs to be set to "PAL" format.


● The industrial PC is tested normally in the factory, but it doesn't display the image on the customer sites. 

Generally, the resolution setting is too high, and the customer's monitor cannot display it. So the screen is black, but there is a normal alarm sound.


● When the IPC is in normal operation, it will restart once there is vibration. 

It caused by the power supply connection failure, or the connection between the motherboard and the baseboard is not in good contact (the wire which to realize ATX function).


● When operating GHOST, the original disk not consistent with the copied disk partition. 

It caused by inconsistent hard disk mode and settings. Both should be set to LBA mode.

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