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Industrial Panel Computer – Best Fit for Outdoor Public Kiosks

Jul. 04, 2022

Industrial Panel Computer – Best Fit for Outdoor Public KiosksIn cities, countless pieces of all-in-one industrial Panel PCs are running outdoors every day. No matter what in high temperature and exposures under direct sunlight in summers, or in cold, rainy environments in winters.


The high-temperature weather in summer has a great impact on the industrial all-in-one panel PC.


For ordinary touch display devices, this is a difficult problem to overcome. High temperature and sunlight exposure will affect their stable operation and cause a series of problems.


Take the express lockers as an example.


1. When the environment temperature is too high, due to the industrial panel PC being embedded into the locker, limited space is not good for heat dissipation. If the panel PC's heat dissipation performance is not good enough, the industrial all-in-one touch panel PC will occur operation failure easily, thus affecting the control of the whole express locker.


2. Prolonged exposure to the sun will cause the temperature of the industrial touch display to exceed the bearing temperature of the chip, which will rapidly reduce the luminous efficiency of the display, produce obvious light attenuation, and the display will appear aging and wrinkling.


2. Touch display screens are mostly encapsulated with transparent epoxy resin. If the junction temperature exceeds the solid phase transition temperature (usually 125 ℃), the packaging material will change to rubber and expand thermally, resulting in an open circuit and failure of LED display screens and loose sealing; At the same time, the assembly rubber strip of the whole display will also loosen in the continuous high-temperature environments, which will affect the performance of the internal motherboard in the summer with more water vapor.


Usually, the end-user picks up their packages by inputting the pick-up code through the touch panel display of the locker, selects the product at the self-service terminal, scans the bar code to finish the payment in retail stores, or reads the charging status on the charging pile. The subtle changes mentioned above are generally rarely noticed.


Maybe, end-users only notice it when the touch display occurs black screen or is insensitive to touch. Because at this time, it will affect their life.


That's the inconvenience of an unreliable touch display panel PC!


No one can guarantee that a screen will last a hundred years!


But we can do as much as possible to enhance the quality of the industrial touch panel PC to enable them to adapt to the environment and prolong their life.


Adapting to the environment is the basis of a product application. At this time, please let me introduce how the Touch Think industrial all-in-one panel PC deals with the challenges in high-temperature summer.


Touch Think industrial all-in-one panel PCs engineered with heat dissipation structure and reliable aluminum alloy housing, offer superior wide temperature resistant performance.


Industrial Panel Computer – Best Fit for Outdoor Public KiosksIn terms of high-temperature sun-proof, firstly, Touch Think chooses low-power components to generate less heat, improve the heat dissipation method, design a fanless structure for heat dissipation, and increase the heat dissipation area; Secondly, the panel PC will enter the standby state when there is no operation, and the screen goes out to reduce power consumption; Thirdly, Touch Think supports upgrade the customized protective cover to protect the panel PC from the sun. Finally, the touch screen is pasted with a sunscreen film made of special materials to deal with ultraviolet rays.


Provide a security guarantee for the supporting touch display devices in the smart city.


The damage caused by high temperature and strong ultraviolet rays to touch display panel PCs is a more prominent problem in the hot summer, but we can't ignore the persistent challenges we encounter daily at the same time, that is wind, rain, impact, scratch, and dust.


Touch Think industrial all-in-one panel PC with touch screen, built with true-flat panel IP65 dust-proof and water-proof, this is a basic protection design for outdoor use industrial panel PCs, and the shock-resistant performance of the touch panel PC is 10g acceleration with 11ms cycle; Vibration resistance performance is 5-19HZ/1.0mm amplitude; and 19-200HZ/1.0g acceleration. Touch Think is committed to manufacturing high-quality industrial control products, presenting highly reliable industrial-grade touch control & display, and industrial computing solutions for a variety of outdoor applications, they will stand up to harsh outdoor weather and environmental challenges all around the year.


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Touch Think specializes in offering reliable industrial touch panel PCs that are reliable and capable of delivering trustworthy solutions to improve your business processes.


Industrial Panel PCs are suitable for use in a variety of industrial and commercial applications including Gate Entry, Access Control, Truck Logistics, Truck Scale, Parking, Wayfinding, Visitor Management, Education, Health Check, Time & Attendance, Tourism & Recreation, and much much more.


If you’re interested in finding out more solutions about how a Touch Think industrial monitor or all-in-one touch panel PC embedded into indoor/outdoor kiosks can help you, browse our 7" to 23.8" full range of industrial computing products. Alternatively, you can send an inquiry to our team via touchtec@sztouchtec.com.


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