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Resistive Touch Screens in Industrial Applications

Aug. 02, 2022

If you are looking to purchase a new touch screen for your business, you may want to choose a resistive touch screen. Industrial applications typically require a different touch screen technology than consumer applications. For consumer applications, capacitive technology is usually the preferred choice. Capacitive technology is used in a variety of consumer electronics, including smartphones and tablet computers.

On the other hand, for industrial applications, resistive technology may be more effective. This alternative type of touchscreen technology uses two transparent layers to detect touch commands. These two layers have conductive contacts that face each other and are separated by an air gap between the two layers. Pressing the display interface forces the two layers into contact, causing the conductive contacts to come into contact with each other. What exactly are the benefits of resistive touch screens in industrial applications? Industrial panel PC manufacturer shows you.


Glove Support

Resistive touchscreens support touch commands that are performed while wearing gloves. Of course, workers wear gloves all the time. If you plan to use a touch screen in a factory, warehouse or similar facility where workers often wear gloves, you may want to choose a resistive touch screen.

Workers can control resistive touchscreens with bare fingers or with gloves. All resistive touch screens respond to pressure. The pressure from the touch command pushes the top layer into the bottom layer, allowing the resistive touch screen to register the touch event.

Resistive Touch Screens in Industrial Applications

Resistive Touch All-in-One PC IP65 Waterproof 15 Inch


Moisture Resistance

Another benefit of resistive touchscreens for industrial applications is moisture resistance. The top layer is completely sealed. It even has an invisible coating that is designed to repel moisture. Known as an oleophobic coating, it wicks away moisture.

Moisture is common in many workplaces. Fortunately, it does not damage resistive touchscreens. Resistive touchscreens have a sealed top layer that protects the underlying circuitry and other components from damage. The moisture-resistant nature of resistive touchscreens makes them an excellent choice for industrial applications.


Easy to clean

Because resistive touchscreens are moisture resistant, they are easy to clean. You can wipe the surface with a microfiber cloth to remove dust and debris. For stubborn dirt, you can use a damp microfiber cloth. Touchscreens can get dirty, especially when used in industrial applications. The good news is that resistive touchscreens are easy to clean.

You can always choose a capacitive touchscreen. But for industrial applications, resistive touchscreens offer several benefits. They support gloved finger touch commands, are moisture resistant and easy to clean.

Resistive Touch Screens in Industrial Applications

Industrial Monitor Touch Screen 10.4 Inch Indoor Outdoor Use


In fact, many clients prefer resistive touchscreens because they can withstand harsh environments. Even when exposed to moisture, resistive touchscreens will not break. They are designed to be sealed, which protects them from moisture-related damage.

One more thing, resistive touchscreens are inexpensive. They have a simpler design, which reduces the price.



Resistive touchscreens may not offer the same optical clarity as capacitive touchscreens, although glass offers a higher level of optical clarity than plastic. At TOUCHTHINK, you can order resistive touchscreens in a variety of materials. The top and bottom layer materials can be customized to your preference. Our industrial touch panels have been used in a variety of industries and we welcome you to contact us for more information.

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