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Reduce the Energy Consumption of LCD Touch Panels

Jun. 22, 2022

Liquid crystal displays (LCDs) are known for their energy-efficient operation. All display devices consume energy during use. However, LCDs consume less energy than many other types of display devices. There are a number of ways to further reduce the energy consumption of industrial LCD touch panels.


LCDs with light guides typically consume less energy than LCDs without light guides. All LCDs have a backlight. The backlight is an illumination system that illuminates the LCD pixels. That said, some LCDs also have a light guide. The light guide distributes the light produced by the backlight. Choosing an LCD with a light guide usually results in a more energy-efficient operation.

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Reduced Brightness

Whether it's a computer monitor, TV, human-machine interface (HMI), or any other type of display device, you can reduce the brightness to save energy. Almost all types of LCDs have adjustable settings. When accessing the LCD's settings, check the brightness. Reducing the brightness will save energy by reducing the amount of energy consumed by the LCD backlight.

White Background

For conventional LCDs, using a white background saves energy. Conventional LCDs do not have self-luminous pixels. As mentioned earlier, they rely on the backlight to illuminate the pixels. White backgrounds require less energy than other colors. Ideally, you should turn off the LCD when it is not in use. However, for idle screens, choosing a white background can save energy.

Reduce the Energy Consumption of LCD Touch Panels

Small Size Industrial LCD Displays

Smaller size

The size of an LCD affects its energy use. Not surprisingly, larger LCDs consume more energy than smaller ones. If you want an energy-efficient LCD, you may want to choose a smaller size. The backlight will have a smaller screen to illuminate, so it won't consume as much energy.

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Stop Screen Saver

Some types of LCDs support screen savers. A screen saver is a program that displays one or more images when the LCD is not in use. While using a screen saver may sound harmless, it can lead to increased energy usage. Screens save energy consumption in the form of backlighting. the LCD's backlight must illuminate pixels in order to produce a screen saver. To save energy, consider turning off the LCD when it is not in use instead of using a screensaver.

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