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Industrial Displays & Panel PCs For Smart Manufacturing

Feb. 14, 2023

Smart manufacturing is the core of Industry 4.0, it represents the most cutting-edge manufacturing technology today. It mainly includes intelligence both on manufacturing facilities and production processes. Industrial touch displays & panel PCs are widely used in smart manufacturing, they are connections for digitalization, automation, and intelligent application.

Touch Think touch display & computing products apply to automated production lines, CNC machines, and industrial machine vision. Combine industrial software and touch hardware to perfectly serve smart manufacturing.

Touch Think 10.1” and 11.6” PC-based operation hardware terminals, built for automated production lines, play the role of MES terminal machines. It has functions such as identity recognition, task browsing, equipment management, defect registration, and abnormal alarm. Support NFC identification, confirm employee identity, and record the attendance time. Support alarm design, and timely send response to equipment and production line operation. Realize zero-distance contact of human-computer interaction, and implement plan management. Accurately transmit information, speed up process flow, and improve production efficiency.

Industrial Displays

In the process of intelligentization of industrial equipment itself, the application of CNC and laser machinery represents the forefront of intelligent manufacturing. Touch Think industrial panel PCs are built with powerful performance and are compatible with a variety of mainstream industrial software. Low power consumption to meet the long-term stable operation requirements of CNC machine tools. The panel PCs with an anti-vibration layout of the internal structure, well adapt to the vibration environments caused by the manufacturing and grinding of parts. Preset a variety of different interfaces, for better extend and control connections.

In the intelligent system of industrial equipment, Touch display devices are an important part of the industrial vision. They connect with applications such as high-speed cameras and vision systems to complete data analysis and processing. Touch Think high-performance industrial all-in-one panel PC can meet the requirements of visual system algorithm writing and program operation. It has features of dustproof, waterproof, and anti-corrosion to meet the industrial visual inspection in various environments. Upgradable storage configuration can be used for the detection and data analysis of massive quantities of products in intensive industries. When problems like damage and flaw are found during the inspection, which can be displayed and recorded on the panel PC and then send an alarm.

Intelligent manufacturing is a broad field, including military, heavy industrial equipment, industrial electrical equipment, aviation test equipment, marine equipment, industrial security equipment, and other scenarios. Touch Think intelligent touch display device is applied to intelligent manufacturing, it enables the manufacturing activity itself to analyze, reason, judge, conceive and make decisions, making manufacturing flexible, intelligent, and highly integrated.

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