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Introduction Of Embedded Industrial Display

Dec. 19, 2019

When it comes to LCD monitors, everyone is no stranger to it. It can be seen everywhere in our lives. The embedded Industrial Monitor is roughly the same as the display hardware used in our daily life. The different characteristics are that industrial flat panel display applications are more extensive, Stability under different environments, dustproof, waterproof, humidity, temperature and long duration of use. Embedded industrial displays can work stably and normally in factories, warehouses, and harsh environments, providing us convenience and improving work efficiency.

The workers used in the industrial field can embed the machine into the cabinet or place it on the operation table, and make the man-machine display operation interface, which is more convenient to operate and bring high efficiency and efficient work to the staff. The embedded industrial display, which has its own unique characteristics, has low requirements for the environment, can adapt to most industrial scenes, and has high stability.

Embedded Monitor has system compatibility issues. Manufacturers need to have considerable technicality in order to be able to solve the special needs of different industrial site environments for users during their use.

With the gradual improvement of commercial machine performance, many manufacturers have begun to choose commercial machines with lower costs. The market itself is undergoing tremendous changes, and people are more inclined to embedded industrial LCD touch displays.

Introduction Of Embedded Industrial DisplayThe following are common features of embedded industrial LCD displays.

1. The whole machine adopts triple protection design of anti-flammability, explosion-proof and dust-proof, which has anti-static, anti-surge, anti-breakthrough, anti-lightning and other performance.

2, touch optional resistance, capacitance, infrared screen, its characteristics are high accuracy, high sensitivity, with many industrial field application characteristics

3. Industrial-grade driver board, the components inside the board are industrial-grade, supporting 365 * 24h non-stop operation

4. OSD can adjust the backlight brightness and multi-language menu selection, which will not affect the color saturation of the screen when adjusting the brightness.

5. Anti-static (4KV-8KV) meets the industry standard, the highest can be customized 16KV, high anti-static level, can greatly reduce the failure rate of the machine

6, support wide voltage 12v-24v DC power input, power port anti-fall design, optional DC interface or DC terminal (Phoenix terminal)

7, support a variety of installation methods: embedded, VESA cantilever, desktop, wall-mounted, etc., to meet the various needs of users.

Application scope of embedded display:

1. Industrial field control display;

2. Embedded in various devices as display devices;

3. Monitors for mainframes of telecommunications and network rooms;

4. Monitors for trains, subway stations and ports;

5. Vehicle-mounted (train, subway, car) displays;

6. Rugged or military standard displays are generally used in harsh outdoor environments, military vehicles, and warships;

7. Advertising machine, which is used as a commercial advertisement machine in residential elevators, public places, commercial office buildings, etc. to play commercial advertisements.

The above is the information about the embedded industrial display introduced by Flat Panel Display Factory. Hope to help you.

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