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Reasons and Solutions For the Failure of the Industrial Monitor to Load Images

Dec. 18, 2021

Industrial monitors are widely used in the fields of intelligent manufacturing, artificial intelligence, the Internet of things, smart city, and so on. When we use the monitor, sometimes it can't load images. What's the reason? In this article, I'd like to give you a detailed introduction.

 Magnetization of the industrial monitor (industrial display): color deviation or light spot appears in some areas of industrial display because there is a large alternating magnetic field in the environment where the industrial display is located. Find out if there are high-power electrical appliances nearby, such as high-power transformers, speakers, and other equipment, and remove them. Use the degaussing function of the industrial display to degauss the industrial display. Or change the direction of the industrial display to reduce the influence of geomagnetism on industrial display.

Color deviation of industrial display: color deviation occurs in all areas of industrial display, which is caused by deviation in the color setting of display or color setting of the graphics card, and poor contact between signal line plug of industrial display and graphics card of the host. Use the color function setting of the industrial display itself to adjust the color setting and the color setting of the graphics card; Fix the signal line plug of the industrial display and the graphics card to ensure complete contact between the display signal line and the host graphics card.


Reasons and solutions for the failure of the industrial monitor to load images3. Except for the problems mentioned above, other problems like no display on the industrial display, black screen without any image, etc. There are many reasons for these phenomena, which are listed one by one below.


1> Industrial display's circuit failure.

2> Industrial host failure.

3> Power input failure of industrial display.

4> Poor contact between industrial display signal line and host display card.


The solutions to the above faults are as follows.


1. Check whether the industrial host works normally.

2. Check whether the signal light at the front end of the industrial display is on. If not, check whether the contact between the power line of the industrial display and the display is normal.

3. If the fault still cannot be solved, please find a professional to repair in time or contact the manufacturer to solve it.

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