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What Are the Features of Infrared Touch Screens?

Dec. 14, 2021

In recent years, interactive flat panel displays (IFPDs) with infrared touchscreens have become increasingly popular. IFPDs are more convenient and practical than smart projection boards, which are widely used in education. Today let's focus on infrared touchscreens and see how they can be properly utilized to improve the user experience.

Infrared Touch Screens

Infrared touchscreens consist of an LCD display, an infrared touch frame, and an infrared touch overlay.

Typically, the overlay is a protective piece of glass surrounded by an IR touch frame with embedded IR LEDs and photodetectors. An optical bezel will be inserted between the glass and the frame to hold the frame in place and transmit the IR light emitted by these LEDs.

Through the optical bezel, the IR LEDs emit invisible IR beams that form a grid on the surface of the overlay, and if a touch event occurs on the overlay, a photodetector is installed across the LEDs to detect the beam break.


In addition to infrared touch, resistive touch and capacitive touch are also mature technologies with stable performance in the market today. Resistive or capacitive touch screen technology has been around even longer than infrared touch screens. However, why engineers choose infrared touch screen as an interactive whiteboard, widely used in business meetings and distance learning.

1, The economic choice - compared to other touch screens, large size infrared touch screen cost is relatively cheap.

Better display - With no other substance between the LCD and the overlay, IR touchscreens offer the best light transmission, so they can render more vivid images without losing color and brightness. ,

2, Short response time - typically less than 8ms, IR touchscreens locate touch events by detecting light interruptions, so they can respond to actions accurately and quickly.

3, No scratches - because the LCD is protected by a glass overlay, you can rest assured that there will be no scratching problems

4, Maintenance - There are no sticky substances between the display and the overlay, so you can freely disassemble both parts by loosening just a few screws when performing regular maintenance, such as cleaning the surface and wiping away dust.

5, Write with any object - You can write on the IR touch screen with any object, bare fingers, gloved fingers, wet hands or pens, as long as it is not transparent.

6, Clear image - compared to many camera or projector-based systems, devices with infrared touch screens often use backlit LEDs. they can provide viewers with a clear image.

7, More flexibility to customize screen size - by adjusting the number of LEDs and photodetectors embedded in the overlay frame, you can install any custom display with an infrared touch interface

8, 4K resolution - they can support 4K resolution screens and work well with high pixel displays.

Capacitive touch screens

For PCAP touch screen, there is a fixed layer of transparent electrode film between the LCD panel and the cover glass. When a person's finger touches the screen, the current through this film changes and the signal at x and y position changes. Transfer to the computer.

PCAP touch screen electrode film is expensive, especially for large screens, but for IR touch screen, when applied to large screens, only a few LEDs and the corresponding detectors need to be added, it is clear that IR touch screen solutions are more cost-effective in large interactive displays, such as interactive digital boards for business meeting presentations.

A very common problem faced by many touch screen devices is the presence of scratches. Over time, traditional resistive or capacitive touchscreen devices can develop small scratches on the surface; thus affecting their usability. On the other hand, infrared touchscreen devices are protected against scratches, fingerprints and other forms of minor damage.

IR is a great alternative to traditional capacitive and resistive touchscreen technology. It is sensitive, robust, durable and long-lasting. However, this technology is still relatively new. As a result, not all manufacturers offer IR touchscreens. We hope this gives you a better understanding of IR touchscreen technology and how it works.

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