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Three Features of Touch Screen Monitor In Outdoor Environment

Jun. 17, 2021

The outdoor environment means much uncertainty, and equipment are installed in the outdoor environment for a long time will face more challenges.


In the digital wave, there are more and more work and life scenes that need human-computer interaction. How to make touch display equipment more secure and efficient in the outdoor application has become a problem that many manufacturers need to answer.


In the general outdoor scene, touch display equipment only needs to face the influence of wind, sun, rain, light changes, occasionally encounter sharp objects scratch the screen, sudden excessive current burning motherboard, and other problems.


For the outdoor application, Touch Think has its own solutions. When designing the touch screen monitors, it pays much attention to the features of high brightness. Besides, Touch Think also focuses on explosion-proof, dustproof & waterproof performance, thus ensuring the touch screen monitors keep long-time stable running in the outdoor environment. These three functional designs are also the most critical and basic performance of outdoor touch devices.


High Brightness


In the application case of an outdoor scene, Touch Think high brightness monitor can meet the application of a strong light environment, it can automatically adjust the light change to meet the clear visualization requirement of human eyes. What's more, the self-adjustment of screen brightness can avoid the rapid aging caused by long-term fixed displays and thus prolong the span life of the display screen.




In the application of an outdoor scene, Touch Think industrial monitors are fully considered related designs in terms of structure stability, housing material, internal structure, and other aspects, considering the possible risks of outdoor environments. Touch Think industrial touch screen monitors offer a long time stable operation in the production of petrochemical, chemical, winemaking, medicine, paint, textile, printing and dyeing, and other explosive dangerous environments.


Dustproof and Waterproof


In outdoor environments, dustproof and waterproof performance is the basic requirement of touch display equipment. The Touch Think standard products series are built with IP65 dustproof and waterproof protection levels. And with the waterproof adhesive strip on the monitor, the display screen and the front frame are seamless bonded, and the full fitting waterproof fog process can protect the motherboard from rain and dust, ensuring long-term stability running.


Touch display devices are widely used in outdoor environments, such as parks, aviation, ships, special vehicles, highways, public area terminal equipment, vending machines, smart parcel lockers, etc.


More and more outdoor equipment with touch display devices will be used along with the development of Smart City. To improve the user experience and ensure normal operation, the requirements for the equipment will be higher and higher.

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