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The Changes of Smart Parcel Locker: From Keys to Paper Receipts to Digital to Human Face Recognition

Jun. 16, 2021

Parcel lockers (Storage cabinets) are common equipment in daily life, they are used to store items. I believe many people have used them. When we want to go shopping in the supermarket and feel that the things we carry are not very convenient, we can choose to store the items in parcel lockers. This is the convenience provided by the supermarket for the convenience of customers, and it is basically free, and the applications also include factories, schools, and other places.

There are many types of parcel lockers. Due to their structure is not complicated and the technology used is very limited. The traditional cabinet door key equipment can already meet the needs of customers. The key is often on the cabinet door. Store items and put them away. Key and remember the cabinet door number, this is the traditional storage cabinet structure and application.

Parcel Lockers

With the evolution of technology and the change of people's usage habits, the parcel lockers also upgraded accordingly. For example, in the digital era, the key to open or close the door becomes to enter the bar code to open or close the door, and the key disappears. What we need to put away is the bar code printed after storage, which is connected through the relay, and the switch of the cabinet door is controlled by the button.

With the rise of mobile payment, the QR code is everywhere. The control mode of the parcel locker's door from print Bar code verification access becomes QR-code scanning, which is convenient and will not use paper resources. Then the control mode of the parcel locker developed to face recognition and verification, recording the face information, open the locker door for storage, verify the face information again, and then open the door for retrieval.

The parcel lockers used to be convenient for people to store things in supermarkets, factories, schools, and other places, but with the rise of the e-commerce economy, smart parcel lockers have developed rapidly in the form of express cabinets. It reappears as an independent terminal device, connecting the shopping platform and the logistics system, and then sending the receipt through the electronic platform, Become the last link of the whole shopping process.

The Changes of Smart Parcel Locker: From Keys to Paper Receipts to Digital to Human Face Recognition

The application of Touch Think intelligent touch display equipment in the smart parcel locker system is mainly reflected in the central control touch operation platform. The interface of the central control touch platform is simple and built with modules such as sending express, taking an express, and checking express states. The access of goods needs to be operated through the display screen. The signal is transmitted to the data center of the logistics platform to find out the number of the parcel locker, and connect the control cabinet door through the relay, Complete the whole process of express delivery.

The application of touch display equipment in the smart parcel lockers needs to meet some basic requirements. For example, most smart parcel lockers are installed in outdoor environments, so they need to keep the good performance for all weather conditions, as the important part of the parcel locker, the touch screen monitor should be dustproof and water-proof, and suit the temperature difference changes, the display screen will not appear water mist, what's more, it should be low power consumption and support 24/7 long-time running.

Intelligent Touch Display

Usually, in order to meet the above requirements, some big display sizes of industrial touch screen monitors are embedded into the smart parcel lockers to realize the main touch control and display functions. With the rugged industrial-grade quality and performance, they have a long span of life and offer reliable performance in the smart parcel locker system.

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