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Why Do Industrial Panel PC Crash?

Nov. 11, 2019

In practical application, users often encounter industrial panel PC crash problems. It is not easy to figure the cause of the crash out in short time. But IPC crash can be roughly divided into the following categories:


A. Poor quality of components. Such as CPU, memory module, video card, hard disk, etc. If the quality is poor, when installing Win98 and NT4.0 SCO UNIX on the machine, it will be found that the installation is not smooth as before, and some of them cannot even be installed.


B. Poor contact for the bottom plate. The operating system can be installed successfully. After the system is installed, the user finds that some user equipment may not be able to use in the system, serial port, keyboard cannot be used, etc., in this situation, the user can change the main board to another computer.


C. The main board failure. Due to the components of the main board itself, it can cause the main engine of the industrial panel PC to fail to pass the BIOS self-checking after starting, and some IDE and FDD interfaces also fail to work, resulting in the system reading and writing problems, then resulting in a crash.


It is not easy to figure crash reasons out if Panel PC host crash for 3~5 days, or 3~4 months. If it will not crash when the main board is tested alone or not in the user environment, means this problem is related to the user's system, or related to the field wiring and anti-interference ability of the system. So if users encounter industrial panel PC crash, they should also consider the using environments but not only the industrial panel PC problems. 

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