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Intelligent Archives System

Intelligent Archives Area Integrated Management System is consists of intelligent management of library area, digital archives and intelligent storage.


1. Strong multi-system linkage control platform.

2. It has comprehensive security, openness and expansibility.

3. The ubiquitous zero-distance information exchange.

4. Efficient and fast digital archives management.

5. Intelligent archives utilization service.

Intelligent Archives SystemCustomer Case 1

Product Name: V2 Series Electric Dense Frame

Relevant description:

Introduction of Functional Characteristics:

 Post-type electric operation, intuitive and convenient

 Centralized operation with striking hints

 Using Microcontrollers system and strong anti-jamming design

 Using 24V DC low voltage motor

 Multi-channel infrared safety protection system

 Equipped with high performance touch display

 Real-time monitor of temperature and humidity for inner of the dense frame and automatic ventilation function

 Equipped with smoke alarm


Touch Think 15 inch industrial monitor plays a key role in this system, it offer reliable performance for 7/24 long-time real-monitor of temperature and humidity for the dense frame, and its rich interface provide much possibilities for connecting with other devices.

Intelligent Archives System

Customer Case 2

Product Name: V3 Intelligent Electric Dense Frame

Relevant description:

Main functions of PAD:

1. Radio data exchange, query and other operations with the main server

2. Operation of wireless remote control operating dense frame

3. Using Barcode data information

4. Location recognition speech tips

5. Automatic allocation of storage location of archives and books


Introduction of Functional Characteristics

 New generation of high performance AVR microprocessor and strong anti-jamming design

 Various humanized operating systems

 Using DC low voltage motor and support plug-and-play function

 Offer data acquisition and remote control function

 Equipped with multi-channel infrared safety protection system and touch safety switch protection function

 Real-time monitor and display of temperature and humidity for the dense frame and automatic ventilation function

 Smoke detection and alarm and fire fighting linkage function of warehouse, which need  cooperate with fire department.

 Equipped with detachable power outage swing handle.


Touch Think 15" industrial all-in-one tablet PC is well-embedded in the dense frame with its true flat panel as the monitoring, display and control system for this Intelligent Electric Dense Frame. This tablet PC equipped with industrial-grade motherboard, support 7/24 long-time operation. Multi-point capacitive touchscreen, support Android or Windows operating system. Rich I/O expansion is avaliable.

Intelligent Archives SystemCustomer Case 3

Product Name: V4 Intelligent Electric Dense Frame

Relevant description:

Introduction of Functional Characteristics

 On the basis of V3, V4 added the following functions:

 Optimum design of slow start and slow landing operational system

 Intelligent lighting guidance positioning and error correction system

 Omni-directional multiple security system

 Various forms of control system

 High definition color touch LCD system

 High rigid frame made of high grade steel plate

 Intelligent temperature and humidity control system in shelf

 Voice prompt and SMS message alarm


Touch Think 15.6" industrial tablet PC equipped with 1920*1080 LCD touchscreen for this intelligent electric dense frame.


Intelligent Archives SystemCustomer Case 4

Product Name: V5 Series Intelligent Electric Dense Frame

Relevant description:

 Intelligent management and control

 Intelligent file input and storage

 Intelligent archives borrowing

 Intelligent guidance for Archives returning

 Automatic error correction in calling or storing files

 Intelligent file query, continuous search, open files in sequence

 Intelligent management of archives, disorderly placement and orderly management

 Intelligent automatic quick opening of dense frame

 Intelligent automatic fault detection and emergency treatment

 Intelligent management of access rights

 Slow start, soft landing, anti-collision; voice prompt function

 Waterproof, dust-proof, anti-theft: There are strong magnetic rubber sealing strips between the rows of the mobile dense frame, dust-proof plate and water probe fitted on the top of dense frame, rod-proof gear and water probe installed on the bottom, no gap after closure, which meets the requirements of waterproof, rodent-proof, anti-theft and light-proof, which ensures the safety of archives and users.



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