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5th-GEN Industrial Displays and Panel PCs for AGV Forklift

Industry Development Background


In recent years, with the continuous increase of business demand and transaction volume in the field of commercial distribution and industrial manufacturing, traditional warehouse management can no longer keep pace with the growth rate of market development. Efficiency and cost have become the core pursuits. Major enterprises have begun to focus on logistics turnover, and intelligently upgrade the warehousing operation process.


AGV Forklift equipment has emerged as the times require and has become one of the important tools for realizing intelligent management of warehouses.


Industry Application Requirements


AGV refers to Automated Guided Vehicle. It has a variety of application forms according to different functions and structures. AGV Forklift is one of the transportation robots with functions such as autonomous navigation, automatic transfer, and task scheduling.


In the intricate network of warehousing and logistics systems, the industrial all-in-one panel PC carries the interaction and control functions of the AGV forklift in the core functions of navigation, positioning, path planning, task scheduling, and monitoring. Through the intuitive interface, the operator can view the status, task progress, and abnormal conditions of the AGV in real-time, and make necessary adjustments and interventions to maintain the efficient operation of the AGV system.


Touch Think Solution

Touch Think focuses on the subdivision of transportation robots. Based on the above demands, it has launched a series of 5th-GEN rugged touch display and computing products suitable for AGV forklift applications, covering multiple categories of industrial displays and industrial all-in-one panel PCs, and supports software and hardware function customization. In practical applications, Touch Think industrial displays and panel PCs have high flexibility and reliability.


At the hardware level, the 5th-GEN series from Touch Think focus more on functionality and stability.


AGV forklifts usually operate in various warehouses and production environments, and there are influencing factors such as different ground conditions and obstacle collisions. Touch Think 5th-GEN series adopts anti-vibration and anti-interference design internally and passed the GB2423 standard anti-vibration test for the whole monitor or panel PC. The display adopts an RJ45-defined touch interface, and the DC interface is used for thread anti-loosening reinforcement, which can effectively avoid problems such as poor contact caused by vibration.


In a multi-signal and equipment-intensive smart warehouse environment, electromagnetic interference is inevitable. Touch Think 5th-GEN series has EMI/EMC-level anti-interference ability to prevent mutual interference between devices and achieve 7*24 hours of stable operation.


In addition, based on the working features of the continuous movement of the AGV forklift, it is not suitable for the wired network, but the demand for a stable and reliable wireless network is obvious. Touch Think 5th-GEN series industrial panel PCs support 3G/4G (5G module optional), WiFi, Bluetooth, and other high-speed wireless communication technologies to improve flexible operation and efficiency.


In terms of function expansion, the 5th-GEN touchscreen displays are equipped with rich I/O interfaces and can be freely connected to peripherals, including RFID identification, barcode scanners, printing modules, etc. The expansion interfaces can be configured and expanded according to the specific application scenarios of forklifts AGV, to help achieve more functional applications and enhance the automation capabilities of AGV vehicles.


In addition, the Touch Think 5th-GEN series industrial displays and industrial panel PCs are engineered with high-performance design in terms of software and hardware, focusing on the high compatibility of the AGV forklift overall solution.


Touch Think 5th-GEN industrial monitors and industrial panel PCs adopt self-developed high-performance main boards, equipped with Intel or Rockchip chips, providing ARM/X86 structure (different motherboards' configurations for optional), supporting operating systems including Windows, Android, Linux, Ubuntu, Centos, Redhat, etc. Providing powerful software compatibility and system integration capability, capable of connecting intelligent storage systems (WMS/WCS/RMS), realizing real-time interaction, ensure high-efficiency operation.


Touch Think Empowerment


Touch Think 5th-GEN series industrial displays and panel PCs are built with industrial-grade components, and their housing is made of high-precision, robust, and impact-resistant aluminum alloy materials. The front panel is IP65-rating dustproof and waterproof, and waterproof rubber strips are added to strongly resist the invasion of dust and water mist. Offering stable operation in extreme storage environments such as food, medical, cold chain, etc.

Except for intelligent logistic & warehouse automation, the 5th-GEN series is also ideal for smart manufacturing, smart city, AI, IIOT, smart medical & healthcare fields.

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