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Three Applications of Industrial Panel PC In Ship

Among the multi-means of transportation, the importance of ships cannot be ignored. In terms of transportation, cruise ships in some sea areas are the main mean of transportation for many passages, and cruise travel is also so popular in the world. As for the transportation of import and export trades, a large ferry, as the main mean of transportation, plays a boosting role in the development of seaports and national import and export trade.

 Three Applications of Industrial Panel PC In Ship

In addition, with the continuous development of intelligence, the intelligent ship monitoring system is also improving, the use of more and more touch display equipment is one of the obvious manifestations. Based on the high requirements of the ship monitoring system, the industrial all-in-one panel PCs are suitable for measuring and controlling relevant parameters and are regarded as observing, and measuring instruments to the measured object.


Electronic Chart Display and Information System Solution - ECDIS


First of all, in the ship application, the console is the key to safe navigation, and the display equipment should be able to comprehensively process and display the navigation information such as marine geographic information, navigation status information of the ship, dynamic information of various target ships, radar image information and other navigation information. Therefore, the operation ability and software compatibility of touch display equipment is required to be high.

Three Applications of Industrial Panel PC In Ship


For Touch Think series industrial panel PCs, the standard configuration adopts Intel Celeron J1900 quad-core 64 bit CPU, and the running memory and hard disk storage are 2G + 32G respectively, which meet the general marine instrument application. In the application of the console, the configuration can be upgraded according to the user's needs, including i3 / i5 / i7 chip, 4G / 6G / 8G memory, and multiple upgrades of the hard disk to meet the configuration requirements of the main control equipment, so as to ensure the safety of navigation and improve the operation efficiency.


Besides, the marine LCD monitor is often in a disadvantageous environment due to the long-time operation of day and night, which has strict requirements for reliability and light control. Touch Think provides high brightness monitors, which supports sunlight readable and the backlight is adjustable so that the brightness of the display can be infinitely lowered to zero. This function is indispensable for the night operation of the ship's cab and control room; In addition, it has low power consumption, long service life, waterproof, dustproof, seamlessly embedded into console and anti-corrosion, impact resistance and anti-vibration design, so as to meet the ship standards formulated to ensure the safety of the ship and its equipment.


In addition, the industrial monitors support wide temperature and wide voltage operation, which is very suitable for the environment with a large temperature difference between day and night on the ocean.


Ship Dynamic Monitoring System Solution


Associated with the ECDIS, in the ship dynamic monitoring system, the role of touch display equipment is to help display the ship's position information, dynamic information, route information, cargo information, and port information, and dynamically calculate the current position, real-time monitor the ship's dynamic information, etc., which is similar to the requirements of the console in the configuration.

Three Applications of Industrial Panel PC In Ship

Therefore, the stability of the touch panel PC is very important. Touch Think has focused on the industrial automation application field for many years and has accumulated a rich industrial application experience. All the product series have been tested in the aging room for 48 hours before leaving the warehouse, so the long-time fault-free operation performance is excellent. Therefore, based on the inspection in the field of industrial application, the industrial all in one panel PC will display advantages in the application of marine instruments.


Shock Proof Display Equipment In the Cruise Ship Cabin


In addition, for example, in the ferry, large cruise ship and other ship applications, such as cabin passenger berth, seat area, there is a certain demand for display equipment, which can be used to play marine safety guidance video, accident escape guide, etc., so that passengers would understand the structure of the ship and improve the safety consciousness.


In these applications, the demand for display devices in Network connection, display quality, installation method, shockproof performance, and other aspects is more obvious. In terms of the anti-vibration performance, Touch Think industrial panel PCs and industrial display monitors meet the anti-vibration GB2423 standard, and all passed the quality inspection of controllable dropping and simulated vehicle vibration tests, they are satisfy the needs of ship shaking scene.

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