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Industrial Panel PC with VGA Used In Tower Crane

With the continuous development of economy, improving and strengthening infrastructure construction has always been an important industry of social development, including housing, urban transportation, public infrastructure construction, etc. construction projects everywhere have brought considerable market development potential for many industries. Among them, tower crane, as the most commonly used lifting equipment on construction site, is indispensable equipment for transporting heavy raw materials such as steel bars, wood beams, concrete, steel pipes, etc.


At the same time, the steady growth of the national economy ensures the steady growth demand for tower crane in the construction industry. When it comes to the application of tower crane, we must talk about engineering safety. How to ensure the safe use factor of the tower crane is the primary consideration of many tower crane manufacturers and engineering projects. Therefore, improving the safety monitoring system of the tower crane is one of the important ways.

 Industrial Panel PC with VGA Used In Tower Crane

As we can see from the above figure, the tower crane safety monitoring system is mainly composed of a two-axis tilt sensor, GPS / GPRS communication module, wind direction sensor, height sensor, azimuth sensor, amplitude sensor, weight sensor, HD camera and touch display equipment. Among them, touch all-in-one panel PC, as the most intuitive core equipment connecting high-altitude operation room and ground, plays a key role in the tower crane safety system.


Let's take an application of the Touch Think industrial all-in-one panel PC as an example to see what requirements are needed in the monitoring system of the tower crane.


Due to the limited space in the tower crane control room, users prefer small-size panels. The 10.1-inch vehicle-mounted display all-in-one panel PC is the best choice for All-in-one equipment in the tower crane control room, which is specially designed for special application scenarios such as mining trucks, heavy construction machinery vehicles, and forklifts.


In the application of tower crane, the all-in-one PC is the direct display device of high-altitude environmental conditions in the process of transporting materials. The screen clearly displays the outdoor wind speed, height, orientation, amplitude, and other parameters, which is an important basis for the operator to control the tower crane. It helps the operator to eliminate the risk caused by the outdoor environmental impact.


In addition, customers have a clear demand for the VGA interface on the panel PC. In addition, the all-in-one panel PC also need to support the connection of cameras, easy for the operators to accept the high-definition screen monitoring of raw materials for transportation, control the location information of ground constructors in real-time, help the operators to choose the transportation route with the highest safety, avoid accidents caused by unexpected situations of ground construction personnel, and reduce the error rate of operators.


Based on the fact that the all-in-one panel PC needs to receive a large number of monitoring video signals, in terms of operation ability, it has built-in Android operating system, equipped with RK3399 six-core CPU, and the high configuration of running memory and hard disk storage is 4G and 32G respectively, which not only meets the operational requirements of processing a large number of signals but also ensures the long-term stability of the whole panel PC in the tower crane application.

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