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Automatic Car Washing Machine Based On Industrial Panel PC Greatly Improve Car Washing Efficiency



The automatic car washing machine is a kind of machine that can realize automatic cleaning, waxing, air drying, and wheel cleaning by setting relevant programs on the computer. At present, it can be seen in gas stations, 4S shops, and car maintenance shops. It is reported that in Western developed countries, the share of intelligent car washing service has accounted for more than 50%. The prospect of intelligent and automatic car washing is huge.


Development Background of Automatic Car Washing Machine


At present, the car consumer is huge in the global market, the corresponding auto service field also has broad prospects. However, the car washing business of auto service stores is generally faced with many pain points, such as difficult recruitment, large flow of personnel, high labor cost, unstable service quality, a long queue of consumers, etc. The realization of contactless car washing can not only solve the above problems but also change the messy image of the service shop, attract high-end car owners and get more customers.


Requirements of Industrial Panel PC That Applies To Automatic Car Washing Machine


There are many types of the automatic car washing machine, such as tunnel type and reciprocating type. Cleaning, waxing, and air drying are the main operation links of car washing. According to the application needs and installation environment, the control terminal of the automatic car washing machine is usually composed of an industrial all-in-one panel PC. The industrial panel PC should meet multiple requirements in this application, including installing the corresponding operating system; support different types of car washing mode; support outdoor operation; built with waterproof and dustproof function; adapt to outdoor temperature changes; offer high-quality and clear image display, sensitive touch mode, convenient for controlling; excellent shockproof performance in response to the high-frequency vibration environment during the automatic car washing; low power consumption, and long-time car washing to meet peak time car washing service.


Touch Think Offers Touch Control & Display Solution For Automatic Car Washing Machine


Touch Think automatic car washing machine customers choose the 2nd-GENs 15-inch industrial all-in-one panel PC as the control terminal, which can meet the general requirements of the above-mentioned requirements for the industrial all-in-one panel PC. Specifically, Touch Think industrial panel PC has the following highlights when applies to automatic car washing machines:


The pure flat seamless front panel, with the IP65-rated dust-proof and waterproof protection, effectively prevent water stains from entering the interior of the panel PC during car washing and ensure the long-term efficient operation of the all-in-one panel PC.


Embedded installation mode, this panel PC is designed with a 3mm ultra-thin front bezel, perfectly embedded in the car washing machine equipment, well fit with the surface of equipment, avoid water into the rear cover of panel PC, meeting the car washing environment.


It supports a customized highlight screen and can be read under the sunlight to meet the needs of outdoor installation for the car washing machine.


The industrial panel PC equipped with a rugged industrial-grade motherboard, offering excellent performance in terms of shockproof, anti-surge, and with - 10 ℃ ~ +60 ℃ wide temperature operation design, all these highlights cope with the impact of high-frequency vibration in automatic car washing machine environments and meet the outdoor temperature changes, to ensure the normal operation of the industrial all-in-one touch panel PC.


In this customer's solution, Windows system is applied to the panel PC, and configures 4G DDR3 and 64G SSD, meeting various software installation; capacitive touch mode plus with a simple interface, offering sensitive, fast response operation experience, matching the requirements of frequent car washing operation.


Excepts for the above highlights, Touch Think Industrial panel PC offers reliable functions in this solution, i.e, supporting plug-and-play, remote wake-up, automatic reset function, deal with power failure and other emergencies; And its low power consumption performance ensures long service life.


The panel PC designed with anti-shedding multiple interfaces and support I/O expansion to connect peripheral devices. In addition, special interface customization is available to meet the special requirements of the automatic car washing machine.


Solution  Benefits


The automatic car washing machine can set different car washing modes through the industrial all-in-one panel PC, with quantifiable service quality. A car can be washed in 5-8 minutes. Compared with manual car washing for 20 minutes, it greatly improves the efficiency and meets the needs of the service during peak time. The application value of Touch Think industrial panel PC in automatic car washing machine mainly lies in its reliable performance and cost performance. Industrial-grade performance can meet the automatic car washing machine's requirements for central control; the low power consumption industrial motherboard meets the requirements of high-frequency long-time working and long standby time. It is shockproof and a wide temperature design offers strong adaptability to the harsh car-washing environment.




The emergence of the automatic car washing machine is the embodiment of the application of digital and automation technology. And the rapid development of the automobile industry and the rapid growth of the demand for high-quality car washing service make the automatic car washing machine have great development space. Touch Think industrial all-in-one panel PCs play an important role, i.e, realizing touch control and display function in the automatic car washing machine system, ensuring the machine running smoothly.

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