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Industrial Panel PC-based Smart Parking Management System

Smart parking is part of smart city projects.


The complexity of modern urban management requires urban managers to change the old management ideas, keep up with the needs of urban development, and become more intelligent, efficient, and convenient. The rapid increase of urban vehicles not only brings traffic congestion but also a serious shortage of parking resources. Thus the intelligent parking management and resource structure optimization seem more important than ever before.


Smart parking refers to the comprehensive application of wireless communication technology, mobile terminal technology, GPS positioning technology, and GIS technology in the collection, management, query, reservation, and navigation services of urban parking space, so as to realize the integration of real-time update, query, reservation, and navigation services of parking space resources, and strive to maximize the utilization rate of parking space resources, the profit of parking lot and the optimization of service of parking service for car owners.

 Industrial Panel PC-based Smart Parking Management System

Smart parking is divided into three levels: city-scale level, parking lot level, and parking space level.


Different levels of parking have different requirements on the smart parking system. Usually, the smart parking system related to the parking space level is designed for parking and billing functions. The parking lot level is no need for manual timing and charging, it is connected with a bigger smart parking management system to realize car recognization and license plate number verification, and the real-time information display on the parking space terminal equipment. The city-level smart parking management system refers to centrally allocated to the whole urban parking lots resource, it integrates the reservation, navigation, and payment multiple functions.


Today, with the development of Big Data and AI technology, smart parking is more of a digital operation, making fine statistics and utilization of parking spaces, travel destinations, charging standards, parking time, etc., forming an invisible big network to solve all the worries from driving out to going home. The smart parking system is based on the road traffic carrying capacity, regional functional requirements and comprehensive traffic development strategy, planning and allocating parking facilities in different regions and time periods, and reasonably determining the parking capacity; through the analysis of vehicle growth rate, urban planning, road increase, and other data, based on the urban traffic development strategy, adhere to the differentiated supply strategy.

 Industrial Panel PC-based Smart Parking Management System

The application of the Touch Think industrial panel PCs in the smart parking system mainly reflects intelligent hardware, which belongs to the parking lot level, It combines machinery, computer, automatic control equipment, and intelligent IC card technology. Through computer management, it can realize vehicle image comparison, automatic recognition, automatic charging, automatic data storage, and other functions.


IC card intelligent parking lot charging management system is the general name of the modern parking lot vehicle charging and equipment automatic management.


Usually, the management robot is set up at the entrance and exit of the car parking lot to meet the needs of many practical applications: automatic license plate recognition, fast lifting lever, high definition camera for recognization, etc. efficiency improving user experience. The high precision license plate recognition system plus Cloud platform monitoring, 7/24 hours to achieve unmanned operation, which efficiently lower labor costs; and support for online payment channels such as Alipay, WeChat, and UnionPay. The centralized monitoring, remote management, can be realized through mobile phones, computers to view the parking lot monitoring, real-time control of vehicle information; Also support personalized business management, meet the parking management needs of commercial squares, supermarkets, hotels, etc.; through the Big Data analysis system, automatically generate detailed business reports, provide decision support for car scene management.

 Industrial Panel PC-based Smart Parking Management System

Touch Think 2nd-GEN industrial panel PCs are built with industrial-grade quality and performance, often used in the management robots on the smart parking lot. Their seamless flat panel, up to IP65 waterproof and dustproof grade performance, industrial control LCD screen, gorgeous color, working temperature ranges from - 10 ℃  up to +60 ℃, which can meet the needs of outdoor parking environment.


This industrial panel PC embedded into the smart parking lot management robots have powerful data storage and analysis capabilities. Except for the monitoring function, inward they can also connect to the city level parking management system, connected with the entire parking management system, optimization the parking space resources.


To meet the personalized customization, Touch Think industrial panel PC meets different function modules requirements, such as RFID card reader, infrared sensor modular, camera, photosensitive light, etc., to meet the different needs of the parking environment.


Smart parking is a widely used case in the Internet of things technology. The integration of a variety of technical means makes parking convenient and intelligent. The use of the industrial all-in-one panel PC can better coordinate the relationship between parking spaces and cars, and expand the parking management and revenue increase through the "Cloud platform" optimization.







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